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Perkie's Observations: Laura Returns to the Campus Disco on General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis

Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis

Michael is certain that the baby is Sabrina's and worries that she could be in serious trouble. Tracy thinks Sabrina left the baby on their doorstep, knowing he would be well taken care of. Michael wants to call the police so they can start looking for Sabrina. He feels the baby needs to be checked out by a doctor.

Jason tells Sonny that he's having memories and tells him about the first night they met. He apologizes for how he's treated Sonny lately. Jason says he can't come back to the business. Sonny says all he wants is Jason's friendship. He feels Jason is making the right choice in not coming back. Jason promises to have Sonny's back if need be.

Felix wants Finn to perform at the Nurses' Ball, but he refuses. Finn wants Felix's help getting into the drug lock-up. He claims that he needs some muscle relaxants. Felix lets him in and Finn helps himself.

Laura and Kevin head to the Campus Disco. Laura explains what happened there with Luke. She feels that Luke never forgave himself for what happened that night, but that she doesn't regret their marriage or their children. Kevin wants them to ignore Helena's clues and leave, but Laura decides she wants to look around.

The two find a blank note. Laura figures that Helena is just messing with her. The real estate agent tells them that the couple who owns the disco hasn't wanted to sell it. She mentions their names are Lloyd and Lucy Johnson. Kevin questions Laura's reaction to those names. She said they were the names she and Luke used when they were on the run.

Nikolas questions why Hayden's taking photos of his possessions. She tells him she's selling his stuff because she needs a source of income. Nikolas says she can't take his stuff. He adds that she has a head for business and should get a job. Hayden feels that no one will hire her.

Tracy calls Finn and asks him to come over to the house to check out a patient. Finn checks out the baby and tells Tracy that she needs to bring him to the hospital for blood work. Tracy doesn't want the hospital involved for fear they'll call the police. Finn says she can't keep the baby.

Diane tells Nikolas that he owes back taxes for the transfer of ELQ stock to Jason. Nikolas is annoyed that after years of stockpiling mob money, Jason's honesty about his earnings are now affecting him.

Finn gets back to the hospital and checks on his patient, who has died.

Hayden stops by the mansion to ask Tracy for a job at ELQ. Tracy reminds Hayden that she double-crossed her. Hayden says she doesn't want to be defined by her father. She promises to be a hard worker and an asset. Both Tracy and Michael say no, thank you.

Tracy heads upstairs to check on the nursery. When she returns, Michael and the baby are gone. Michael takes the baby to Felix at the hospital to be checked out.