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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Gets Custody and Ava Interferes with Morgan on General Hospital

Bryan Craig, Maura West

Bryan Craig, Maura West

Carly gives Morgan the news that Jason's memories are back. Morgan apologizes for all the nutty stuff he did. Carly asks about Kiki. Morgan says he's getting better for her, so he can make up for what happened.

Ava's happy to see that Kiki's back at work. She wants the three of them to go away for a few days like a real family. Kiki gets a call from Morgan. She tells him that she plans on visiting, and the two are happy. After the call, Kiki tells Ava that she can't go away and that Morgan is a priority.

Liesl complains to Monica about Finn and how he unexpectedly lost yet another patient. She wants an investigation since they barely know Finn.

Ned and Dillon confront Tracy about the baby and that she wanted to keep him. Tracy says Sabrina left the baby for her to take care of and reminds them about their friendship. Dillon thinks that Sabrina may have left the baby for Michael. Tracy points out that they all live in the same house, so it doesn't matter. Tracy worries about the baby ending up in foster care.

Dante has the DNA results for Michael and tells him that the baby is Sabrina's. Michael wonders why Sabrina hasn't reached out to anyone. Dante reminds him that by leaving with Carlos, Sabrina now faces charges.

Dante wonders how the baby got to them. Michael mentions visiting Sabrina's aunt in Puerto Rico and that she must have had the baby all along.

A social services worker tells Michael that the baby has been placed in long-term foster care until Sabrina can be found. Michael promises the baby that he'll find her.

Kiki runs into Dillon and thanks him for helping her. Dillon tells her that he's covering a band for Crimson and asks if she wants to join him.

Monica tells Finn that he has to appear before a review board because Liesl is concerned about the two patient's deaths. The review board consists of Monica, Liesl, and two unknown doctors. Liesl and Finn argue back and forth. Monica decides the deaths are consistent with Finn's notes and there is no malpractice.

Liesl is certain that Finn is hiding something and is determined to find out what it is.

Dante gets information that Sabrina's aunt traveled to Port Charles and back two days ago with the baby. He tells Michael that the proper authorities are looking for her.

Tracy manages to get herself legally declared a foster parent. The social services worker leaves the baby with her.

Ava pays Morgan a visit. She tells him that Kiki is still fragile and that they aren't good together. Morgan says he's different now and loves Kiki. Ava says he can't promise that he won't hurt Kiki. She adds that he should do what's best and break up with her.