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Perkie's Observations: Lucas and Brad Nail Down a Wedding Date on General Hospital

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Ryan Carnes Parry Shen

Ryan Carnes Parry Shen

So, it turns out that Sabrina's aunt, son Marcos, and Carlos were good buddies. When Carlos needed someplace to stash his baby mama, he hooked her up with Marcos. Marcos basically kept Sabrina from leaving. Ok, you're all up to date on where Sabrina's been for the past few months.

Sabrina is thrilled when her aunt returns with the good news that the baby is safe in Port Charles, but is upset to learn that Carlos is dead. Sabrina wants to go back to Port Charles to reunite with her son. Her aunt says it's too dangerous.

Marcos shows up. Sabrina begs to be let go and promises she won't tell the authorities anything about him. Her aunt begs as well. Marcos agrees to make the arrangements.

Sonny agrees to help Michael find Sabrina in Puerto Rico. Carly is upset, claiming Sabrina used Michael and is worried about his safety. Michael reassures her that Sonny's men will provide backup.

Morgan refuses to let Ava manipulate him. Ava says Kiki has been hurt repeatedly by Morgan and his nuttiness. Ava wants him to do the right thing and set Kiki free.

Lucas suggests to Brad that they get married at the Nurses' Ball, seeing as money is tight. Brad feels that it's not very personal, but is eventually swayed and agrees to it.

Nikolas warns Hayden and Curtis that he has a court order that says if they don't stop selling his things, he'll send them to jail.

Lucy reminds Dillon that he needs to rehearse for the ball. She suggests that Kiki can join in. Dillon asks if she would be interested. She agrees because it's for a good cause.

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Lucy finds Nikolas and reminds him that she hasn't received his donation for the ball. Nikolas tries to deflect, but Lucy's tenacious. so he finally agrees to send it to her.

Hayden realizes that Nikolas' financial troubles are worst than she thought. Hayden thinks Nikolas should have made a small fortune on the selling of the ELQ shares to Jason and wonders about that money. Nikolas tells her to mind her own bee's wax.

Kiki visits Morgan and the two make small talk. When she asks about his release, Morgan says it will be soon. He doesn't think they should continue their relationship. Kiki says she's fine being friends and that she just wants him in her life.  Morgan says he can't make her happy and that they need to end things.

Lucas asks Lucy's permission to get married at the Ball. Lucy's thrilled at the idea.

On the plane to Puerto Rico, Sonny tells Michael that he's well connected and that they need to play by their rules. Michael agrees. Sonny promises he'll do anything for Michael, even though he doesn't approve of Sabrina.

Nikolas brings one of the diamonds to an appraiser for money.

Ava shows up at Carly's. She demands picking up Avery to take her home for good. Carly says that Avery is at a playgroup with Kristina and wonders why Ava is denying Sonny access to his daughter. Ava mentions redoing the nursery and is waiting for a shipment to be delivered. When Ava leaves the room, Carly calls Max to intercept the delivery.

Ava gets a call that her delivery has been delayed until tomorrow, but promises to return with a social service agent to take Avery.

Marcos pulls out a gun and tells Sabrina that he can't let her go.