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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Confides in Diane on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Carolyn Hennesy, William deVry

Nancy Lee Grahn, Carolyn Hennesy, William deVry

Sonny reminds Michael that his involvement in finding Sabrina is the only time he'll be involved in the business.

Sabrina begs Marcos not to kill her, but he feels it's the only way to get out of this mess. Michael arrives just in time and fights Marcos for the gun. Then, Sonny shows up. Michael takes Sabrina away, leaving Sonny to deal with Marcos.

Nikolas drops the bag of diamonds on the floor. Liz arrives in time to find him picking them up and questions him. Liz quickly figures out that they're from Hayden's father. She thinks Nikolas should turn her into the Feds.

Nikolas admits that times are tough and he's had to sell one of the diamonds for cash. Liz is worried about him, but Nikolas says Hayden can't hurt him and that the diamonds are leverage.

Liesl tells Finn that she's been doing researching on him and trying to find out about his last hospital gig. Finn's upset and wonders what she's even looking for. Liesl says he's lost two patients under suspicious circumstances and wonders if that's something that started elsewhere. Finn accuses her of violating his privacy, but Liesl feels it's for the welfare of his patients.

Julian gives Alexis a necklace as a gift. She thinks he's buying her silence. Julian wonders if everything he does from now on will be scrutinized. Julian says the old business is over and they can start fresh. Alexis feels she needs time to process everything.

Rehearsals for the Nurses Ball are underway. Lucas tells Bobbie that he and Brad are getting married at the ball. Bobbie's thrilled and welcoming to Brad. Lucas calls Julian to meet him. Lucas asks his father to be his best man. Julian turns him down, saying there's too much heat on him because of Carlos.

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Marcos begs Sonny not to kill him. He says he was doing a favor for Carlos. Sonny wants information on Julian. Marcos swears he knows nothing of what Carlos was doing for Julian. Sonny has him arrested rather than killed.

Alexis calls Diane and tells her that she needs a lawyer. Diane reminds Alexis that she can't be forced to testify against Julian. Alexis is concerned about herself and Diane figures she has a piece of evidence. Diane tells her to come forward with it.

Alexis says she never thought she'd be in this position. Diane wonders if Alexis will be able to turn Julian in. Alexis wants to be able to sleep at night. Julian arrives, and wonders what's going on. Alexis claims she and Diane are heading out for manicures for the Nurses Ball.

Hayden finds Finn and gives him a check for ten thousand dollars to make amends for what her father did. Finn says it won't bring back the patients that died when the foundation went bankrupt.

Liz runs into Finn, who bites her head off. Later Finn apologizes to Liz for being rude to her. Liesl warns Liz to stay away from Finn because he's not as he seems.

Sabrina can't believe that she's safe with Michael and questions why he came looking for her. She says it was her decision to leave with Carlos, even though she realized immediately that it was the wrong thing to do.

Brad asks Felix to be his best man. Lucas says Julian turned him down, but that Sam agreed to stand up for him.

Hayden gets home in time to hear that Nikolas sent his donation to Lucy. She demands to know where he got the money. Hayden spots a diamond on the floor and realizes that he sold one. The two fight over the diamond and almost have a moment. Nikolas warns her that she'll have to play the doting wife at the ball.

Diane asks Alexis if they're going to the station to turn in Julian. Alexis says she can't do it before the Nurses Ball and Lucas' wedding.