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Perkie's Observations: The Nurses Ball Kicks Off on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

The 2016 Nurses Ball gets underway with the red carpet arrivals of Epiphany, Lucas, Bobbie, Brad, and Felix. Nina's allowed to interview guests and behaves as though she just hatched out of an egg.

Maxie stops by the hospital in hopes that Griffin will release Nathan in time to go to the ball. Griffin says Nathan isn't ready yet, so Maxie wrangles him into taking her.

Ava lets Scott know that it's time for him to move out. Kiki tells her that Morgan broke up with her. Ava thanks Kiki for attending the ball with her.

Liz falls and hurts her ankle, causing her to pull out of one of the numbers. Franco offers to help her walk the red carpet.

Carly warns Liesl not to disrupt the ball again this year. Ava reminds Carly that she's coming tomorrow to get Avery and warns her to be ready.

Jordan, Andre, Nikolas, and Hayden walk the red carpet. Nikolas addresses Hayden as Rachel and makes a snide comment to the reporters about hidden money, which doesn't sit well with her.

Anna is thrilled when Emma and Robin show up. Emma's excited to see Griffin, but confused about his priestly profession. Griffin and Robin are introduced.

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Franco and Liz head down the red carpet. Liz and Hayden are not happy to see each other wearing the same dress. Maxie comes to Liz's rescue, whisking her off for a wardrobe change.

Carly lets herself into Ava's apartment to look for the recording of Ava's confession to Connie's murder. Ava thinks she's forgotten her checkbook at home. Once there, she finds it in her purse and heads back out, not knowing Carly was there. Carly finds a flash drive and heads back to the ball.

Franco and Liz walk the red carpet a second time and run into Jason and Sam. Jason says his memories are coming back. He adds that he is not happy to see Franco with Liz, and doesn't want Jake around him. He promises they'll discuss this at another time. I tell Jason to shut it.

Jason runs into Robin, who's thrilled that he's getting his memories back.

Nikolas is angry at Jason for the whole IRS thing and declares war. Jason wants peace, for Emily's sake. Nikolas points out that Jason is a criminal and warns him that he won't let Jason destroy his life.

Lucy announces the first act by the hospital staff, including Epiphany, Felix, Brad, Bobbie, and Amy. I have to fast forward because I get second hand embarrassment from scenes like that. Sorry!

Carly plugs the flash drive into a laptop backstage, in hopes of hearing Ava's confession, but is shocked by what she sees. I'm going out on a limb saying it's a sex tape with Morgan, or with Scott. I'm not sure which would be worst.

Liesl, dressed in lederhosen, thinks about upstaging everyone. Instead, she gets carted away by masked men. Bobbie passes out backstage.