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Perkie's Observations: Lucas Misses His Stage Cue on General Hospital

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Ryan Carnes

Ryan Carnes

The ball continues with a number from Ned and Emma. Epiphany finds Liesl tied up and releases her, but warns her that she won't be performing this year. Laura, Kevin, Dante, and Lulu arrive. Dante refuses to be part of the Magic Milo act.

Lucas finds Bobbie on the floor and insists on taking her to the hospital. Rather than find Brad and let him know what's going on, Lucas tells Amy to tell Brad. Amy, of course, doesn't get the message to Brad.

Carly confronts Ava and tells her to give up sole custody. She shows her a tape of Ava and Paul doing the nasty. Ava's angry that Carly broke into her home and stole the flash drive. Carly says she'll post it online, but Ava's not worried about it.

Jake's nervous about his performance, but Franco tells him to imagine the audience is full of ducks. Lucy can't find Lucas for the wedding ceremony and has Jake do his number sooner than expected. Jake freezes onstage, until Franco joins him. Jason does not look thrilled.

Carly sends Paul a text and warns him to have Ava back off. Paul is shocked that Ava recorded their tryst. She points out that she thought she would need the leverage. He tells Ava to make it go away so that he doesn't lose his job.

Next up is the Magic Milo act featuring Milo, Curtis, Dillon, Felix, and Griffin. Yep, Lucy strong-armed Father Griffin to strip down to his skivvies.

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Lucas takes Bobbie to the hospital and Finn checks her out. Bobbie insists that Lucas return to the ball to get married without her.

Ava demands the flash drive from Carly. The two have a knock down, drag out Dynasty style fight. Ava gets the flash drive and flushes it down the toilet. Carly says she's already backed it up to the cloud.

Hayden repeatedly tries to tell Jordan that she has information about her shooting, but Jordan doesn't want to mix business with pleasure and tells her to come to the station in the morning.

Nikolas drags Hayden away. It upsets Curtis, who confronts Nikolas.

Diane tells Jason that he's being sued by Nikolas. Nikolas feels the money Jason used to buy back the shares was from organized crime. Diane swears up and down that the money was clean. She adds that the IRS has frozen ELQ assets until the situation is resolved.

At the hospital, someone is about to inject Bobbie, but they are caught by Lucas.

At the ball, Lucy introduces the grooms for the wedding and everyone is surprised when Lucas doesn't come out.

Lucas is lying on the floor of Bobbie's hospital room.