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Perkie's Observations: Robin Addresses the Nurses Ball on General Hospital

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Kimberly McCullough

Kimberly McCullough

Lucy questions the audience whether anyone has seen Lucas. Amy stops being vapid long enough to remember that Lucas had to leave. Brad's upset, wondering why Lucas didn't bother to call and let him know. Felix reassures him that Lucas hasn't change his mind about marrying him.

Bobbie wakes up and finds Lucas lying on the floor. Griffin and Finn try to revive him. Brad calls Lucas' phone. Bobbie answers and tells Brad to get to the hospital.

Jason tells Carly that Nikolas is suing him, but promises to fix it so it will not worry Michael. Carly's thrilled when the Corinthos men arrive, including Morgan, who is released for the evening.

Curtis tries to stop Nikolas from manhandling Hayden. She admits that she planned on telling Jordan about the shooting. Nikolas promises that if she goes home with him, he'll play nice and give her back the diamonds. Curtis warns her not to believe him and Hayden decides she's not going home with him.

Lucy needs a filler. She has Dillon and Kiki do their number earlier than expected. Afterwards, everyone gushes about the two. Dillon doesn't understand how Morgan could have let Kiki go. The two share a couple of kisses that Morgan sees.

Carly thanks Andre for all the good work with Morgan. Sonny reunites with Robin and tells her that he'll get justice for Duke. Morgan feels overwhelmed and decides to leave.

The next number includes Epiphany, Lulu, Maxie, Valerie, and Amy.

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Nikolas sends Hayden a text to ask her to come home. He offers to give her the diamonds. Curtis says she's naive if she believes him. Curtis feels that Hayden's risking her life, but he won't stand in her way.

Michael thanks Jason for getting ELQ back and promises not to let him down while he's running it. Jason doesn't mention the lawsuit.

Brad gets to the hospital as Lucas is revived, but Lucas is in a coma. Griffin notices a fresh injection site on Lucas's neck. He asks if Finn gave him anything. Finn denies injecting Lucas. Brad wonders if this is connected to the other two recent deaths in the hospital. Griffin decides they need to investigate.

Robin gives a speech about new medications to prevent HIV and that she'll live to see the disease conquered.

Amy decideds to sing "You're Not Alone" and is surprisingly joined by Sabrina, who pulls Epiphany up to sing as well.

Felix gives Lucy flowers and thanks her for another job well done. The 2016 Nurses Ball is over.

Jordan arrests Sabrina for aiding and abetting Carlos, as Michael looks on in shock.

Jason heads to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas. Sam follows him. They find Nikolas' body is lying on the ground by the water.