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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Hits the Rocks on General Hospital

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Tyler Christopher

Tyler Christopher

Sam gets into Nikolas' room and finds Jason by the broken window. He says Nikolas went out the window. They see him on the rocks below. The two head down to the water, but by the time they get there, Nikolas has disappeared. Jason assumes he fell into the water and jumps in, but can't find him. Sam finds one of Nikolas' cufflinks on the shore.

Hayden promises Curtis that she won't go back to Wyndemere, but that she'll stay at the hotel. He doesn't believe her. Curtis thinks she's going to try to get the diamonds and offers to go with her for her safety.

Michael's upset about Sabrina's arrest since she's not a threat to anyone. Jordan says she obstructed justice when she fled with Carlos. Sabrina admits that she deserves to be arrested, but Michael says she was the victim.

Michael feels that Sabrina isn't a flight risk, but Jordan disagrees. Sabrina says she wants one more night with her son. Michael appeals to the mother in Jordan.

Anna introduces Robin to Andre, who makes small talk about Anna's bad year. Paul drags Anna away. He hands her a paper that reads the charges against her have been dropped and her record has been expunged. Robin is shocked when she overhears that Anna tried to kill Carlos.

Dillon finds Tracy being silly with the baby and likes that she's happy. He worries that she'll be disappointed when she has to give him up. Tracy says she's legally responsible for the baby and won't give him up.

Dillon tells her that Sabrina's back in town. Tracy doesn't think much of that since Sabrina chose to go to the ball instead of picking up the baby. Dillon says Sabrina left a note that she would be by later.

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Carly tells Sonny that she got Ava to back off, so they can keep Avery to themselves. Carly explains about the sex tape and Sonny's thrilled at what she pulled off.

Anna explains to Robin what happened the night she shot Carlos. Robin feels that she's punished herself enough and needs to heal. Anna wants to bring Julian to justice so that she can get closure, which will give her peace. Robin assures Anna that she'll get past the anger and vengeance, and that she needs to say goodbye to Duke.

Ava tells Paul that she wants her daughter back and won't give in to Carly's demands. Paul counters that if she lets the sex tape go public, that he'll "find" the flash drive with the confession and put Ava in jail. Ava believes Paul has more to lose since he has more secrets. She's willing to ride out the sex scandal to get Avery back.

Hayden and Curtis get to Wyndemere. Sam and Jason explain that Nikolas went into the harbor. Hayden gets upset. Curtis wonders if her tears are real. Hayden says she didn't want him dead, but now needs to find the diamonds before the police show up.

Sam questions Hayden's whereabouts. Hayden counters that she thinks Jason pushed Nikolas out the window. Curtis calls Jordan.

Ghost Duke appears to Anna and the two have one final tango before he tells her to move on with her life.

Tracy gets angry when Sabrina shows up to see the baby.

Ava goes to Sonny's to pick up Avery.