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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Pieces Clues Together on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller, Rebecca Budig, Donnell Turner, Vinessa Antoine

Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller, Rebecca Budig, Donnell Turner, Vinessa Antoine

Ava wants Avery back, but Sonny refuses. He says she's never getting the baby back because he won. I remind Sonny that Ava still has legal custody, but it makes far too much sense for these writers.

Tracy stops Sabrina from getting her baby. She mentions that she's been sick. Sabrina's sorry she wasn't there for Tracy. Tracy's angry that Sabrina didn't come to her for help, nor did she say goodbye before leaving. Tracy denounces their friendship.

Julian wonders if everything's okay with Alexis, but she reminds him that he killed three people and made her an accessory after the fact. Julian claims it was to keep theirs lives safe. Brad calls Julian to the hospital.

Hayden worries about the diamonds, but Curtis is certain Nikolas didn't leave them behind. Jordan shows up. She demands an explanation from everyone and gets one from Curtis, Hayden, and Sam. Jason however, asks for a lawyer.

Molly gets home and wonders about the tension between Alexis and Julian. She asks if Julian pressured Alexis to take on Carlos' case. Alexis admits that she made a decision she regrets. Molly tells her to start listening to her instincts. Later, Alexis call Diane to say that she'll turn Julian in.

Julian gets to the hospital and Brad explains that Lucas' heart stopped and that they're running tests. Julian doesn't understand since Lucas is in great shape. Liesl says two other patients died with unexplained heart failure and blames Finn. Julian gets angry with Finn and Brad has to break them up. Julian calls Alexis to come to the hospital.

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Sabrina begs for Tracy's forgiveness saying she'd be dead if Michael hadn't found her in time. She wants to spend time with the baby before she has to turn herself in to the PCPD. Tracy says she's the baby's foster mother and legal guardian.

Tracy says Sabrina is an unfit parent and wonders who will take care of the baby if she goes to jail. Michael accuses Tracy of acting out of spite.

Laura shows up at Wyndemere and is shocked to hear about Nikolas. Jordan reassures her that everything possible is being done to find him. An officer finds Nikolas' phone near the water.

Hayden mentions a new surveillance camera, which Jordan agrees to check out. Jordan says Jason has motive and is a prime suspect. She warns him not to leave town.

Ava reminds Sonny that they had a truce and were in a better place. Sonny mentions Connie's death and that he'll never forget. He wants Avery safe and feels Ava uses her as a bargaining chip. Ava claims life without her daughter is worse than dying and tells Sonny to kill her.

Sonny agrees to an arrangement for Ava to see Avery, but on his terms. He still wants her to pay for Connie's death. He brings Avery to her.

Finn is angry with Liesl for her accusations against him. Brad gets the lab results, which shows there was enough derisfol in Lucas' system to kill him.

Tracy says she can't give Edward back to Sabrina. Sabrina tells them that she called the baby Eduardo because the Quartermaine family meant so much to her. Tracy hands her the baby.