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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Ditch to Sonny's Safe House on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Carly finally stops whining about Ava and drags herself off Sonny's couch. She goes to the hospital where Bobbie updates her that Lucas is still unconscious. Monica mentions the drug found in his system. Carly is shocked that someone would want to kill Lucas. Liesl is right there to point a finger at Finn.

Liz tells Jordan that Hayden has been evading the Feds and that she has a motive to kill Nikolas. Liz mentions the diamonds and how Hayden was furious with Nikolas when he sold one. Jordan wonders what's at stake here for Liz. Liz says Nikolas is her only friend and she's worried about Spencer.

Jordan says Hayden has an airtight alibi, but Jason doesn't. Although Liz seems disappointed about Hayden, she is certain that Jason didn't do this.

Maxie finds Nathan talking in his sleep about a shooting. She questions him when he wakes up. Nathan doesn't want to discuss it. Their talk turns to the Nurses Ball. Maxie explains that Griffin went as her escort, but he shouldn't worry since he's a priest.

Finn shows up at Wyndemere to give Hayden her check. He says he can't accept it, that it's his late wife's birthday, and she would be appalled. So, now Finn has a dead wife? Didn't Silas have a dead wife? And McBain? Is there a pattern here? Who wants to put money on Finn's dead, but not really dead wife, showing up in town during November sweeps?

Finn gets woozy and falls down. Hayden helps him inject himself. Finn claims he's diabetic and asks that she keep this quiet.

Jason says he's leaving, but only so he can find out what really happened to Nikolas. Sam agrees to go with him because she has no other responsibilities. Oh wait, she has a son. Oh wait, Jason has two sons. Oh well, the help can deal with them.

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Carly's angry with Liesl for blaming Finn. She reminds her that she drugged Duke. Liesl says Finn is a shifty character and that two other patients have died. Carly says there is no proof. Liesl says Finn left his last job under rumors of drug use. Carly remembers finding Finn out of it in his hotel room.

Griffin shows up to release Nathan, who asks if the good doctor is really a priest. Nathan says something is weighing on his conscience and that he's been lying to Maxie.

Maxie runs into Sam and tells her that she's no longer looking into Claudette. She adds that she's focusing on her future with Nathan. Sam doesn't really care, since she wasn't really working on that case because it doesn't involve Jason.

Monica agrees to keep Danny so Jason and Sam can head to a safe house in the woods to put their collective brains together. Along with post-it notes and markers, the two produce a timeline of the evening.

Jason calls Liz and tells her that he won't be seeing Jake. Liz warns him not to do anything that will make things worse.

Liz heads to Wyndemere to get the rest of her things and eavesdrops when Jordan shows up to talk to Hayden. Jordan says she knows about the diamonds and that they were registered to her father. Hayden says she doesn't have the gems and never benefited from her father's scams. Jordan says the FBI are there to chat with her.

Maxie's ready to go home and plan their wedding, but Nathan says he has something to tell her.

Jason decides that Nikolas' room wasn't messed up from a fight, but was staged.

Carly finds Finn and demands to know about his "diabetes".