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Perkie's Observations: Lucas Wakes Up on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Parry Shen, Ryan Carnes

Laura Wright, Parry Shen, Ryan Carnes

Jordan tells Hayden that the FBI have arrived to search the property. Liz informs Hayden that she's the one who went to Jordan and accused her of killing Nikolas. Hayden says she has an alibi and reminds Liz that she's an accessory after the fact in her shooting.

Carly demands answers from Finn, who resents her inquisition. Carly says she saw him at the hotel and feels that he's behaving like an addict. Finn says he's not an addict, but that's all he's willing to say on the matter.

Brad sits by Lucas' bedside and begs him to wake up.

Dr. Mays and Monica discuss the case. Liesl again blames Finn and mentions that he left his previous hospital job because of drugs. Monica says there is no proof that Finn did anything wrong. Liesl wants the police called in, but Monica stops her.

Jason and Sam continue to try and solve the case. They wonder who would have motive to hurt Nikolas.

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Laura wonders how Spencer's feeling, but he doesn't seem overly concerned that Nikolas is missing and presumed dead. Kevin shows up. He agrees with Laura that Spencer is not processing what happened.

Kevin wonders how Laura is taking it. Laura tells him about Nikolas' upbringing and how she left him with the Cassadines. She says Nikolas forgave her many years later. Laura doesn't know how to help Spencer through this, but Kevin offers his help.

Finn thinks there might be an experimental drug that can be used to get Lucas out of his coma. Both Mays and Monica don't think it's a good idea. Liesl thinks Finn just wants to finish the job he started.

Carly wants Lucas to have a chance. Brad tells them that Lucas moved his hand and opened his eyes. Carly yells at Lucas, who wakes up. Dr. Mays asks if Lucas remembers what happened.

The Feds find a list that matches the missing diamonds. Hayden swears it's not hers. They warn her not to leave town. Hayden makes a run for it, but Liz stops her. The two roll around on the floor fighting, until Hayden's mother walks in.

Sam wonders if Nikolas committed suicide, but Jason doesn't believe that. Jason decides it was all a set up and that Nikolas is alive.

Jordan gets back to the station and reads a report. She asks for a warrant for Jason's arrest.