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Perkie's Observations: Diane Advises Alexis and Sonny Interferes on General Hospital

Carolyn Hennesy

Carolyn Hennesy

Nathan's happy when Maxie returns to the apartment, but she's still upset. She wonders if he ever planned on telling her about the shooting. Nathan says he was ashamed and afraid that he would be charged. He just wanted to forget the whole thing ever happened.

Kristina gives Aaron a can of Corinthos Coffee and tells him that Sonny has agreed to let Aaron sell the coffee on his food truck. Aaron's thrilled, but says he doesn't have the money to get his truck up and running yet. Kristina thinks Sonny would front him a loan and the two kiss. Kristina wants to go further, but Aaron stops her and leaves. Later, Kristina leaves a message for Parker.

Kiki thanks Dillon for taking her to the concert. He gives her a t-shirt from the band and asks for a real date. Kiki admits that she's not over Morgan despite the kiss with Dillon at the Nurses Ball. Dillon understands that it takes awhile to get over someone, but says he's still interested. The two share another kiss.

Sonny pays Morgan a visit and wonders why he's upset. Morgan admits that he saw Kiki and Dillon kissing, but feels that it's for the best. Sonny wonders who made the decision to break things up, but Morgan refuses to tell him.

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Julian updates Ava on Lucas' condition. She asks why Alexis isn't there to support him. Julian assures her that everything is fine with Alexis and that there is no evidence connecting him to Carlos' murder. Ava asks what his plans are now. Julian tells her that he plans to continue running the Jerome business.

Diane wonders when Alexis plans on turning Julian into the police. Alexis says she waited because of the Lucas issue. Diane warns Alexis that Julian will turn against her, but Alexis is certain he wouldn't hurt her. Diane points out that Alexis' career, reputation, and freedom are on the line. Alexis promises to turn the bloody shirt in later in the day.

Maxie says she upset because of the lies. She says that he could have told her the truth when she found the glove in his tuxedo pocket. Nathan says he loves her. Maxie's afraid she can't get the trust back.

Sonny checks the hospital logs and sees that Ava paid Morgan a visit. Sonny confronts Ava.

Alexis gets home and looks for the shirt but can't find it. Julian arrives with it in his hands.