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Perkie's Observations: Julexis Battle and Anna Defends Sabrina on General Hospital

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William deVry

William deVry

Sonny accuses Ava of taking advantage of Morgan. He warns that it will cost her. Ava says she's protecting her daughter. Sonny says she messed with Morgan's head. Ava counters that Sonny wants Kiki around to be Morgan's caretaker, but that she's not equipped to care for him. Sonny decides he'll let Ava live for Avery's sake, but will retaliate if she continues to mess with Morgan.

Andre thinks Morgan is ready to be released, but Morgan doesn't feel the same. He's worried that he won't be able to function in the real world and that it's safer on the inside. Andre reassures him that they'll continue to monitor his meds as well as his progress.

Tracy interrupts Dillon and Kiki kissing. After Kiki leaves, Tracy's not happy with Dillon, but he tells her that he can kiss whomever he wants. Tracy says she wants him to take photos of baby Edward. Dillon questions her motives with the baby. Tracy says she knows that Sabrina is the baby's mother, but she is having legal issues and the baby needs structure.

Paul tells Sabrina that she's facing serious charges. Michael arrives with Nelson, one of Diane's attorneys. Sabrina says she doesn't need the lawyer and that she's willing to fully cooperate. Sabrina admits that she went with Carlos freely. Anna asks about Duke and Julian's involvement, but Sabrina has no information to give.

Anna wants Paul to drop the charges against Sabrina, vouching for her cooperation. She asks Paul to do the right thing. He drops the charges, but warns Sabrina that they may still need her to testify.

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Julian shows Alexis the shirt and accuses her of wanting to turn him into the police. Alexis says it was her plan, but that she changed her mind when she saw him concerned about Lucas. She says Julian was the man she fell in love with and didn't want anyone else to find the shirt. Julian says they can destroy the shirt together, but Alexis grabs it from him before he can toss it in the fireplace.

Julian yells that Alexis had no intention of keeping the shirt, but was going to cut a deal to testify against him. Alexis accuses him of lying throughout their relationship and that he just wants to manipulate her. Alexis accuses him of bringing the mob life home and making her a part of it.

Julian grabs the shirt back from her and accuses her of throwing their marriage away. Julian wonders if she's willing to send him to prison or if Alexis is willing to work things out.

Sonny goes back to Morgan and tells him that he knows Ava messed with him. Morgan says it was his decision to break up with Kiki and accuses Sonny of intruding in his life. Sonny says he's willing to support Morgan's choices.

Ava is happy to run into Kiki. Kiki tells her about the date with Dillon. Ava presses for more, but Kiki tells her to back off since their relationship is now in a good place.

Sabrina shows up at the mansion for the baby. She thinks she can move back in with Felix. Tracy offers for Sabrina to move into the them, since there's plenty of room. Tracy offers to have custody returned to her, but warns her not to disappear again.

Anna questions what Paul will want in exchange for releasing Sabrina at her request. He says he's willing to wipe the slate clean and that it won't cost her anything. Anna asks for her job back as investigator so that she can build a case against Julian. Paul points out that there is no way to get Julian for Duke's murder. Anna agrees. but thinks she can get him for Carlos' murder.