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Perkie's Observations: Laura Gathers Her Family for Nikolas on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst, Genie Francis

Rebecca Herbst, Genie Francis

Griffin's discharging Lucas, who isn't happy to find out that his friend has been a priest this entire time. Griffin explains that he's on a leave of absence from the church and is focusing on medicine. Lucas wonders if it's about his homosexuality, but Griffin assures him that he has no problems with Lucas being gay. He has tons of friends who are gay!

Spinelli's in town and congratulates Nathan and Maxie on their engagement. He is surprised to learn that it's not all a bed of roses right now. Nathan's moving out, while Maxie continues to process that he lied to her for months. Nathan makes her promise not to tell anyone his secret.

Laura plans a prayer service for everyone to come together for Nikolas. Liz brings Emma to visit with Spencer, who is still declaring that his father isn't coming back. Liz offers Hayden a truce for the evening.

Sam shows up for the service. Jason lets himself into Wyndemere to search for clues of Nikolas' whereabouts. Naomi arrives claiming she's there for Hayden in her time of need. She really just wants the chance to search for the diamonds.

Julian claims to love Alexis and that he's trying to protect them. She's angry at him for dragging her into the mob, despite his claims that he was out. Alexis grabs for the shirt again, but he keeps it away from her. Julian plans on destroying the shirt so that she can't testify against him. Alexis gives him an ultimatum, the shirt or her. Julian chooses the shirt and heads out to the pier to burn it.

Alexis leaves a message for Diane that the evidence is gone, but she wont' let Julian get away with it. Lucas shows up, thanking her for agreeing to host his and Brad's wedding. Apparently, Julian was too busy tampering with evidence to let his wife know that she'd be having guests dropping by.

Dante tries to talk to Spencer. He explains that there is no evidence that Nikolas isn't coming back, but Spencer doesn't want to grieve twice and refuses to have hope. Laura addresses the group. Both Lulu and Hayden say a few words. Spencer excuses himself. Laura asks for a moment of silence.

Maxie explains to Spinelli the problems with Nathan, but admits she can't tell him everything. Maxie says she really needs to tell someone then gets the idea to search out Griffin for this purpose.

Nathan finds Griffin and accuses him of ruining his life. Nathan says Griffin told him to be honest with Maxie and now he's lost her. Griffin says he barely knows either of them and wants to be left out of it.

Maxie finds Griffin and wants to unburden herself, but Griff is not interested.

Spencer gives Emma a gift, a trinket with a very bright stone. Jason spies on the two. It looks like a Berlin diamond to me. The question is, how did Spencer manage to find it?

Dante questions Sam about Jason's whereabouts, but she claims she has no idea where he is. Liz asks Sam to make sure Jason is careful. Sam gets a text from Jason that he's finished searching and is leaving. Dante calls someone to put a tail on Sam to get to Jason.

Alexis is angry with Julian when he returns. He says he forgot to tell her about the wedding and hopes they are still a team. Alexis doesn't agree.