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Perkie's Observations: Lucas and Brad Wed; Ava Spies a Dead Man on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Alexis is angry with Julian for putting her on the spot with regard to the wedding. He tells her to do it for Lucas' sake. The happy couple, along with Bobbie and Carly, arrive for the wedding, forcing Alexis to put on a happy face.

Ava arrives. She warns Julian that the police are looking for him for Carlos' murder. She wants to know what Julian plans to do about Alexis and her doubts. Julian wants Ava to leave town for awhile so she can't be pulled into any of his business.

Spinelli tears a strip off of Nathan for lying to Maxie and shattering her trust.

Maxie convinces Griffin to listen to her tale of woes and explains what Nathan did. Griffin says it's sounds like a crime of passion and not premeditation. Maxie says she can't let it go, since Nathan is usually such a good man. Griffin points out that Nathan may have done something wrong, but is likely wracked with guilt for it. He says it doesn't define the man that Nathan is now.

Sam meets up with Jason at the safe house, and warns him that Dante is suspicious. Jason tells her that he overheard Spencer. He thinks the boy is aware that Nikolas is alive. Jason has Nikolas' laptop.

Hayden swears to her mother that she doesn't know where the diamonds are. The Feds return with the inventory list and say that it has Hayden's prints on it. Naomi spins a tale that Hayden helped her inventory all of her possessions for insurance purposes, which is why her prints are on the form. Hayden is grateful for her mother's help.

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Carly sees that Alexis is upset. Instead of being the noble matriarch the show wants me to believe she is by showing concern, she lets her hypocrisy run freely. She reminds Alexis that she won't be protected when Sonny deigns to make Julian pay. (For the same crimes that he himself has never paid for.) Yeah, sorry, not a fan of CarSon here.

Spinelli shows up at the safe house when Sam is having trouble hacking into Nikolas' computer. Spin bangs on three buttons, as is his specialty, and discovers that the hard drive has been wiped clean. Fortunately, he designed a magic program to counter this problem.

Spin finds out that Nikolas has been researching various islands and that he's headed in one of three places. Jason vows to find him. Maybe Jason should find his children first.

Nathan and some officers interrupt the wedding with a warrant to search for evidence against Julian. Julian points out that he had an alibi, but Nathan says there's a discrepancy in his timeline. He searches the house while the wedding continues.

Brad and Lucas say their vows and are pronounced husband and husband. So, the relationship that spent most of it's time evolving offscreen, gets a two-second wedding that was all about Julian's crimes and Carly throwing shade.

The officer searches the cabinet and finds Helena's dagger.

Ava's on a plane, heading out of town to safety. The flight attendant removes the blanket off the passenger beside her. It turns out to be Nikolas, because when you're pretending to be dead, taking a commercial airline is the way to go.