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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Frets about Anna; Julexis Come to an Impasse on General Hospital

Anthony Montgomery, Vinessa Antoine

Anthony Montgomery, Vinessa Antoine

Ava is thrilled to recognize her seat partner. She jokingly gives Nikolas pointers on how to pretend to be someone else. Nikolas is not happy with Ava when she takes a selfie and ponders posting it online. She eventually promises that she won't expose him.

Nathan believes the dagger is the murder weapon based on Carlos' wounds. Alexis explains that the dagger came from Helena, but Nathan takes it away for analysis.

Julian worries about the dagger. Alexis sarcastically reminds him that he wiped the knife clean and burned the shirt, so he will not likely see the inside of a prison cell. Julian declares that she still loves him, which Alexis denies. Julian points out that she didn't turn him in, but Alexis says she was waiting for Lucas to recover. Alexis announces that she'll be filing for divorce.

Aldo drops by the safe house to give Jason and Sam a suitcase with money, a gun, and their passports. The two head over to the forger's shop to try and get information on Nikolas' whereabouts. While the man is distracted creating fake passports for them, Sam checks the computer. While she finds photos of Nikolas for a new passport, they don't manage to find out anything else.

Felicia catches Emma making an online dating profile for Anna. Emma explains that she feels Anna is lonely, especially since she's heading back home tonight. Felicia promises that Anna will bounce back, but Emma sends the profile anyway.

Anna checks in with Jordan about Julian's case, but Jordan has no interest in sharing any information with her. Anna's shocked that Jordan is barring her, but Jordan says she can't trust Anna around Julian and doesn't want the case compromised.

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Andre arrives in the middle of the argument, so Anna asks his opinion. Andre says he can't back up her request, so Anna leaves, angry with both of them. Jordan thanks him for having her back. Andre says he believes Anna wouldn't let Julian manipulate her, but wasn't going to undermine Jordan's authority.

Jordan finds a script from three weeks ago and accuses Andre of having feelings for Anna. Seriously, why is Jordan so insecure? Andre denies any romantic feelings for Anna and swears he's only interested in Jordan. Although at this point, I'm beginning to wonder why.

Ava wonders about Nikolas' motivations, but he only says that it serves his purpose to let people think that he's dead. A fellow passenger believes that he recognizes Nikolas. He only thinks that he's a movie actor, which Ava and Nikolas agree to. As they deplane, Ava points out that Nikolas now owes her for keeping his secret. The other passenger makes a call.

Anna says her goodbyes to Emma, who's heading home with Felicia. Felicia questions whether Anna is happy by herself and thinks that it's time for Anna to get back into the dating field. Anna says she's not ready for that.

Julian wants to work things out and believes they can fix their marriage, maybe even seek out a counselor. Alexis says he's incapable of being honest and that he killed their marriage when he killed Carlos.

Julian refuses to accept that they are over, thinking they can move past this. He questions her love for him on their wedding day. Alexis admits she did love him, but now that she sees him for who he really is and wants nothing to do with him.

Julian worries what the police will think if she's no longer supporting him, but Alexis doesn't care. Julian yells that he'll never give her a divorce. He says that their wedding vows meant something and that he'll take the , "'Til death to us part" seriously.

Nathan updates Jordan that they found the dagger and that there were  traces of blood on it.