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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Hounds Monica and London Gets Crowded on General Hospital

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Leslie Charleson, Jane Elliot

Leslie Charleson, Jane Elliot

Jordan's surprised at Andre's declaration of love and wonders how he got there. Andre says he was forced to shrink himself. He realized that he cherishes her and their time together. He felt she needed to know. Jordan says she betrayed the last man she was with because of her job and thought it would be simple between them. Andre says he wants a life with her and the two kiss.

Monica demands to know why the needle was in Finn's locker and what he's using it for. Finn refuses to tell her, so Monica says she'll get it tested. Monica tells Finn he is on suspension and barred from the hospital.

Hayden interrupts Curtis and Valerie's cozy time. She asks for help on how to have Nikolas declared dead for financial reasons. Curtis says he's not available and that he's busy with Valerie. Later, Valerie wants time to celebrate with her fellow cadets.

Nikolas is not happy when Ava happens to be staying at the same hotel in London. He thinks she's going to blackmail him. Ava simply wants an explanation from him as to why he would leave Spencer.

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Sam decides she doesn't want to wait until morning to get the fake passports and information on Nikolas, so she breaks into the pawn shop. The pawn shop owner catches her and when he comes onto her, Sam knees him in the family jewels. Jason shows up. The two get their passports and Nikolas' new identity. They plan to head to London. Seriously, these two are as boring as...I can't even think of something more boring.

TJ and Molly are released from the unused closet. He mentions a summer internship at the hospital. She talks about how things are tense at home between her mom and Julian. The two discuss moving in together and agree to ask their respective parents.

Tracy walks in as Monica is suspending Finn. She goes to bat for him, going so far as to threaten Monica's job as chief of staff. Monica says the evidence points to Finn, but Tracy refuses to believe it.

Finn and Roxie head to the Floating Rib where they run into Hayden. She gushes over the bearded dragon because she had one as a child. Hayden notices that Finn isn't looking good. She asks if he has his insulin with him, but he doesn't. Hayden doesn't believe that Finn is diabetic and wonders what's really wrong. Finn asks for help in getting back to the Metro Court.

Curtis pays Jordan a visit to ask for her help in becoming a cop again. Curtis swears that he's clean and that he won't be tempted again. He apologizes to Jordan for messing things up with Thomas. He he blames himself for his brother's death. TJ arrives and overhears Curtis mention that Shawn is his father and not Thomas.

Huxley interrupts Nikolas and Ava's conversation. He invites them to dinner at his private manor, which Nikolas declines. Ava doesn't think his interruption is a coincidence. Later, Ava offers Nikolas a ride in the morning. Huxley overhears and has plans of his own.