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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Hunt Nikolas; Alexis Gets a Surprise on General Hospital

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Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Laura arranges a meeting between Spencer and Kevin, but Spencer refuses to talk. Spencer heads off by himself and leaves a voice message for Nikolas that all is well. Kevin thinks Spencer needs to see him on a formal basis to talk this out.

Nina has Curtis and Nathan pose for the "Real Men of Crimson" shoot. Maxie apologizes to Nathan for judging him and asks for his forgiveness.

Sonny interrupts Anna and Paul's conversation to ask about the evidence against Julian. Paul refuses to tell him, but Anna says Sonny has cops on his payroll and will find out anyway. Anna tells Sonny about the dagger that was found with blood on it.

Anna warns Sonny not to mess with their investigation. Paul complains. Anna counters that Sonny has resources they don't have and can stop Julian if he tries to leave town. Anna's still upset that Jordan took her off the case. Paul says he wants her there when Julian is brought in.

Julian calls Alexis to let her know that he'll be home later. I'm not sure why she didn't immediately have the locks changed and a have a restraining order filed. Kristina sees that her mother is upset. Alexis admits that the police believe Julian's involved in the murder, but reassures her.

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Nikolas and Ava end up at Huxley's estate. He claims they can't leave because of the weather. Ava wants to call the police, but Nikolas doesn't want to bring attention to himself. The two try to leave the room, but find themselves locked in.

Sam and Jason find their way to Nikolas' hotel in London. The clerk tells them that Nikolas checked out. Sam finds out that Nikolas is supposed to be on a flight to Amsterdam. Sam calls the airline and finds out that Nikolas never boarded. The clerk tells her that Nikolas left with a woman. Sam finds out that it was Ava.

Julian interrupts the photo shoot. Nina tells him that Jordan questioned her about his alibi. She mentioned the stain on Julian's shirt and that it wasn't wine. Julian wonders what it will take to make her keep quiet. Nina says she wants him naked on the cover of the real men issue.

Sonny goes to Alexis and tells her to have Julian come home. He says the police will be there shortly to arrest Julian and he wants front row seats. Alexis is surprised when Sonny tells her that Carlos' blood was on the dagger.

Ava and Nikolas insist they be allowed to leave. Nikolas asks that Ava be released, but Huxley says that who he wants.

Nathan gets the forensic results on the knife and shows up at Alexis' house to arrest her.