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Perkie's Observations: Alexis is Arrested for Carlos' Murder on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Finola Hughes

Nancy Lee Grahn, Finola Hughes

Alexis is shocked when Nathan places her under arrest. Sonny continues to insist that Julian killed Carlos. Sonny calls Diane.

At the PCPD, Anna doesn't believe that arresting Alexis will get them to Julian, but Jordan says all the evidence points to Alexis. Sonny arrives shortly after Alexis is brought in and insists on speaking to her. Jordan denies his request, but Paul and Anna allow it.

Sonny tells Alexis that Diane is in court for hours and asks if she wants him to call Ric. Alexis tells Jordan that her lawyer is detained and refuses to answer any questions.

Hayden spends the night in Finn's hotel room watching over him. He thanks her for staying and mentions that he left something in his locker at the hospital that he needs. Hayden offers to get it for him.

Liz and Franco discuss the hospital murders. Liz doesn't understand how someone would kill at random. Franco explains that it's about the rush of power. Liz suddenly gets squirrelly, but Franco swears he doesn't do that anymore.

Olivia finds Nina and Julian together, but both deny there's anything going on. Olivia chastises Julian for missing a preschool meeting for Leo. He apologizes for it. Olivia wonders what's going on with Alexis.

Julian claims they've had a disagreement and he gave Alexis some space. Olivia questions if he's back in the business and says she doesn't want Leo around the mob. Julian promises he wouldn't put the baby in harm's way.

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Nina finds Franco and asks if he wants to pose nude for the "Real Men of Crimson" issue. Franco declines, so Nina asks if he wants to have sex. Franco reminds her that they broke up. Nina says it would only be about the sex and tells him to think about it.

Sonny checks with Anna regarding Alexis' arrest. Anna explains that her prints were on the dagger. Sonny says he saw Alexis that night, but Anna says there was a window of time where she could have killed Carlos. However, Anna doesn't believe that Alexis is guilty. Sonny hopes Alexis will be willing to flip on Julian.

Griffin wants to talk to Nathan, but Maxie arrives and the two gush that they're back together. Maxie thanks Griffin for helping them get back together and asks if he would marry them. Griffin says they aren't Catholic and he's not a practicing priest.

Paul and Jordan interrogate Alexis, who refuses to talk. Jordan mentions that they're going over every inch of her house. Alexis remembers the bloody rag in the fireplace.

Hayden gets into Finn's locker and gets what he needs. Liz finds her as she's leaving and questions why Hayden is there. Hayden claims to be picking up a prescription. After she leaves, Liz checks all the lockers to see which one Hayden was trying to break into.

Hayden gets back to the hotel, but refuses to give Finn the notebook until he tells her what's going on. Finn tells her that he's dying.

Anna tries to get Alexis to talk. They commiserate about loving a man in the mob, and violating their ethics. Alexis still refuses to talk.

Sonny tells Julian that Alexis was arrested and the two head to the station. Julian insists on speaking to Alexis.