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Perkie's Observations: Morgan is Released; Julian Has a Plan for Alexis on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Bryan Craig, Maurice Benard

Laura Wright, Bryan Craig, Maurice Benard

Julian insists on speaking with Alexis alone. She assures him, rather sarcastically, that she hasn't said anything and doesn't plan to without Diane. Alexis accuses him of setting her up, but he swears he's done everything to protect them.

Julian thinks that there is no evidence. Alexis tells him that the dagger was traced back to her and it had Carlos' blood and her fingerprints on it.

Jordan and Anna watch through the glass. Anna wonders who will sell out the other one first. Neither one believes Julian will confess.

Hayden wants the details of Finn's condition. He tells her that it's a rare disease with no cure, but that he's trying to find a way to slow down the process. Hayden realizes that Finn's wife died of the same disease. Hayden offers to help him with whatever he needs.

Morgan calls Sonny to come see him. He tells Sonny that he's been released, but doesn't feel that he's ready to go home. Sonny is certain that he is ready and promises to be there to help him through the transition.

Nikolas is annoyed that they've been abducted. Ava thinks they should try to get the jump on Huxley. They demand to know why they're being held captive, but Huxley doesn't have answers for them. Nikolas accuses Ava of being in on it with Huxley, but she denies it.

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Huxley says Ava is traveling with a figurine that was stolen from his family years ago and he wants it back. Ava refuses. When Huxley cuts Nikolas' hand with a sword, Ava hands it over to him. Huxley returns later, angry that the figurine is a forgery. I gotta say, this story is seriously lame, but on the bright side, nu-Nikolas was better today than in previous days.

Kiki's determined to get ready for her date with Dillon despite the fact that she's sick with a cold. Dillon points out that they could have rescheduled, but Kiki admits that she didn't want to. The two kiss until she has a coughing attack. Dillon has Monica call in a prescription for her, which he heads out to pick up.

Carly and Michael are thrilled to see that Morgan has been released. They agree to whatever family therapy is needed. Morgan thanks his family for their support.

Liz tells Epiphany that she caught Hayden in the locker room and the two wonder what she could be up to. She asks Liz to bring something to Finn at the Metro Court. Liz spots Hayden leaving Finn's room.

Morgan shows up at Kiki's while Dillon is out.

Alexis wants Julian to confess to the murder. He thinks she should plead not guilty and go to trial where she'll be acquitted. Alexis is shocked, but realizes that Julian would let her twist in the wind.

Anna tells Alexis that if she tells them who killed Carlos that she won't stand trial.