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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Franco Get Closer; JaSam Follow Huxley on General Hospital

Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Maxie interrupts Nina's fantasies about Franco and natters on about marrying Nathan. Nina complains that she'll never find love and will die alone. She regrets breaking up with Franco and asks Maxie if she has a chance with him. Nina says she's accepted that she can't have a baby and that Franco doesn't want one.

Franco drops off a toaster for Liz's housewarming. The three share toast, while Jake complains that his father's not around. Franco admits that Nina propositioned him, but that he's conflicted. Franco whines that he'll never be the kind of guy a woman can love. Liz says he's not all bad and admits that he's been a good friend to her. She says she knows that he's changed and the two kiss.

Morgan tells Kiki that he's been released and the two share a hug despite her cold. Morgan says it was a mistake to break up with her. Morgan admits that Ava was behind it, which angers Kiki. Morgan promises that he's steady now and wants to try again with her.

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Morgan tells Kiki that he saw her with Dillon the night of the ball and wonders if the two are together. Dillon returns, so Morgan awkwardly leaves. Kiki tries to continue with the date, but Dillon sees through it and leaves as well.

Sam and Jason break into Ava's hotel room, looking for information on Nikolas' whereabouts. Sam finds out that Ava had a meeting that morning. She calls them only to find out that Ava never showed up. JaSam wonder what happened to Nikolas and Ava. Sam thinks the two are having an affair.

Huxley wants the real statue, but Ava swears she had it authenticated and that it's the genuine thing. Nikolas claims Ava is lying, so she tells Huxley that the real figurine is in her hotel room. Huxley heads out to get it after tying them up.

Ava complains to Nikolas that she thought the statue was the real one. The two manage to untie each other and try to break out of their room.

Huxley breaks into Ava's room and searches for the statue, but doesn't find anything. JaSam overhear and decide to follow Huxley.