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Perkie's Observations: Jason Roughs Up, Anna Gets Stood Up on General Hospital

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Trent Dawson. Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Trent Dawson. Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

When Liz breaks off the kiss, Franco accuses her of trying to make Jason jealous. Liz counters that he wants to stick it to Jason as a challenge. Liz claims that Franco's as bad as he ever was. This news hurts Franco's feelings, so Liz backs off. Liz says Franco has a compassionate side, but also a manipulative one. Franco says he's better because Liz holds him accountable for his nonsense.

Anna shows up at Metro Court for a blind date who stands her up. Paul comes by and decides to keep her company. Paul questions why she hasn't quit working for him. Anna says she needs the job to bring down Julian.

Dillon tells Nina about his evening with Kiki and how Morgan showed up. The two discuss Franco. Dillon feels Nina can do better, but she says she's miserable without Franco. Nina tells Dillon to fight for Kiki and make her choose.

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Kiki searches out Morgan to clear the air about them. Morgan wonders if he's lost her to Dillon, but Kiki says they aren't serious. Morgan promises that he's different now, in control, and wants the chance to show her. Kiki agrees to try.

Ava manages to pick the lock to get them out of the room, but they're attacked by Margarethe. The two get the better of her and manage to escape. They hide out in a tool shed.

Jason and Sam follow Huxley to the estate and demand to know where Nikolas and Ava are. They find Margarethe who tells them that Nava escaped from her.  Huxley strikes a deal with JaSam to catch them together.

Liz thinks the kiss was about Nina and that Franco still loves her. Franco figures the kiss was about Nikolas, Liz's grief, and need for support. The two agree never to discuss the kiss again, but remain friends.