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Perkie's Observations: Ghost Carlos Taunts Julian; Carly Hounds Michael on General Hospital

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William deVry, Jeffrey Vincent Parise

William deVry, Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Finn wants his patients' records sent to him, but Felix is uncomfortable doing it. Tracy calls Finn to complain that he's no longer allowed to treat her. Finn agrees to a house call, which angers Monica. Monica reminds Finn that he's suspended.

Anna's surprised to receive flowers at work with a note of apology from her date. Paul isn't impressed.

Diane and Alexis go over her case. Diane is determined to get Alexis free of the charges against her. Mayor Lomax gets up in Alexis' grill, until Diane pulls her away.

Sonny gets in Julian's face about Alexis being in jail for a crime he committed.

Felix and Sabrina share a happy reunion. Sabrina explains why she left with Carlos. Felix wonders what her plans are regarding Michael. Sabrina's worried about Michael's thoughts about Carlos. Felix wonders what Sabrina wants with Michael.

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Carly argues with Michael about his relationship with Sabrina. Michael doesn't blame Sabrina for leaving with Carlos, and wants his parents to accept her. After he leaves, Carly continues to complain to Sonny about Sabrina and how she's treating Michael.

Julian is visited by "Ghost Carlos", who taunts him about Alexis' plans to turn against him. Julian counters that Alexis loves him, but Carlos disagrees with that. Carlos tells Julian that he needs to get rid of Alexis to save himself.

Mayor Lomax wants Paul to throw the book at Alexis. Paul thinks he can get Alexis to turn on Julian. Lomax is more concerned that Alexis made her look bad in Olivia's case.

Diane manages to get Alexis out on bail. Anna wants to speak with her privately. Anna tells Alexis that the evidence points to her, but there must be evidence at the house that points the finger at Julian. Anna tells her to find it.

Michael gets to the mansion and finds something wrong with Teddy. Finn has him take the baby to the hospital.

Anna updates Sonny on Alexis making bail. Sonny is hopeful that Alexis will turn on Julian.

Alexis gets home and is upset to see that Julian is there.