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Perkie's Observations: Finn Saves Teddy; Sam Heads Home for Alexis on General Hospital

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Michael Easton

Michael Easton

A hungover Ava wakes up beside a nearly-naked Nikolas wondering what happened the night before. Nikolas tells her that she passed out and reassures her that nothing inappropriate happened between them. Nikolas says he needs to leave and that Ava can go home. Ava's worried that Huxley will come after her again, and admits that she has the original figurine.

Ava reminds Nikolas that Jason is being blamed for his supposed murder. Nikolas counters that he was trying to frame Hayden, and that Jason has a good lawyer. Ava wants to go with Nikolas. At first he refuses, until she reminds him that she knows he's alive and could spill the beans.

Monica wants to know why Tracy and Michael are at the hospital, so the two concoct a story. Monica's determined to find out who's in the exam room. Tracy drags her off, but new officer Valerie stops and questions them. Monica deflects, but when Valerie leaves, Tracy admits that Finn is working on the baby.

Finn examines Teddy and questions Sabrina about their whereabouts for the past few months. Liesl comes in. She demands that he stop working on the baby because of his suspension. She threatens to have him arrested. Felix and Michael lock Liesl up in the closet.

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Valerie walks in and orders Finn to stop working on the baby. Sabrina calls her nanny and finds out that she gave the baby yogurt with honey. Finn decides the baby has botulism and plans on treating him. Liesl is let out of the closet and she demands Finn be arrested. Sabrina begs Valerie to let Finn work, and he saves the baby. Finn turns himself in to Valerie, who arrests him.

Julian questions whether the charges against Alexis were dropped. She tells him that she's out on bail and there's a boatload of evidence against her. Ghost Carlos urges Julian to kill her.

Alexis feels nauseous, so Julian offers to make her tea. Ghost Carlos tells him to poison the tea, but Julian refuses. Alexis sets her phone to record. She tries to get Julian to admit that he killed Carlos. She tells Julian that if she goes to prison, his children will turn on him and he'll never see them again.

Jason and Sam continue looking for Nikolas and Ava. Sam checks her iPad and finally finds out that Alexis was arrested. She decides to head home. Jason agrees to stay behind to continue looking for Nikolas. He promises to bring in the police once he finds him.

Jason finds the cabin where Nikolas and Ava stayed, but they are long gone.

Alexis heads upstairs for a bath, so Ghost Carlos tells Julian to cause her to have an accident. Julian actually thinks about it before he heads upstairs.