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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Just Can't Stay Away from Julexis on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Maurice Benard

Nancy Lee Grahn, Maurice Benard

Julian stops himself from doing anything to Alexis. Sonny shows up. He's angry with Alexis for protecting Julian and allowing him to stay at the house. Julian's upset with Sonny, so Alexis steps in. Sonny accuses Julian of being a psycho and a coward. Alexis tells Julian to leave, which he does.

Aaron overhears Kristina leave a personal message for Parker and wonders who he is. Kristina assures him that Parker is not her boyfriend, but does admit that it's an ex. Kristina promises that her relationship is in the past. The two share a kiss, but Kristina pulls back and leaves.

Nikolas tells Ava that he wants to head to Greece alone, but she says she can't go back to Port Charles because Huxley will come after her. Ava tells Nikolas that he could return to Port Charles and spin a tale of how he fell into the water and got amnesia.

Ava tells him to say that a robber threw him out the window, which would clear Jason's name. Nikolas says he could return, but all his problems would still be there. Nikolas tells Ava that she can go anywhere in the world and doesn't have to go with him. Ava admits that she enjoys being with him and the two leave together.

Lulu and Dante celebrate their house, but Lulu admits that she's sad about losing Nikolas. Lulu thinks she needs to tell Lucky. Later, Dante offers to call Lucky. Lulu tells him he's working with refugees in Africa and she doesn't want to drag him back to Port Charles. Lulu wants to name their baby after Nikolas, so his legacy can live on.

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Jason apparently spent hours looking at Ava's earring. It was daylight yesterday when he started, and it was nighttime today. He's still staring at it. One of Huxley's henchmen shows up and pulls a gun on him. The two fight for the gun and Jason wins. Jason says Nikolas and Ava are no longer Huxley's problem.

Sonny questions why Alexis would be alone with Julian. Alexis says she was working Julian, trying to record a confession from him. Sonny thinks Julian will try to shut Alexis up permanently, but she doesn't believe that he would kill her.

Sonny claims Julian has no code, but Alexis isn't impressed with his own. Sonny claims he doesn't hide behind women and that he keeps his word. Well, except to Michael when he said he wouldn't kill AJ and did, but who's counting that?

Sonny feels Alexis needs to face the truth. Alexis is more concerned with staying out of jail and clearing her name. She says she has something important to tell Sonny.

Kristina gets home. She is worried about Alexis, who tries to reassure her that everything will work out. Alexis promises that she'll prove her innocence, but admits this is making her physically sick.

Sonny finds Julian at the Metro Court to throw more shade at him. Sonny doesn't understand how Julian could let his pregnant wife stand trial. Julian is shocked when Sonny tells him that Alexis is pregnant.