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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Takes Control; Julian Demands Proof on General Hospital

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Bryan Craig, Laura Wright

Bryan Craig, Laura Wright

Julian heads home to confront Alexis about her pregnancy. Alexis admits it, so Julian feels they need to start making plans. Alexis points out that she'll be spending the rest of her life behind bars. She promises that she'll give custody to Sam. Alexis declares that Julian will never be allowed near the baby.

Maxie's upset when Nathan comes home unexpectedly and accidentally sees her wedding dress. Maxie claims the dress is now cursed and she'll need to find a new one. The two set a wedding date. Someone sees their wedding announcement. Apparently Claudette likes to keep tabs on the goings on in small town, USA.

Anna and Griffin offer apologies on their little tiff and agree to remain friends. She is curious about why he left the priesthood. Griffin mentions Nathan. He then deflects and explains that he allowed himself to be seduced by a woman. Griffin says he chose to break his vows and that things ended horribly.

Morgan brings his mother flowers to thank her for supporting him through his trying times. He tells Carly that he's back together with Kiki. Carly warns him not to put too much pressure on the relationship. Morgan mentions Kiki being with Dillon, and that he plans on warning Dillon to back off.

Dillon meets with Kiki and tells her that he doesn't want to give her up without a fight. Kiki says she's back with Morgan because he needs her. Dillon says there's too much drama with that relationship and that she'd be better off leaving Morgan behind.

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Kiki says she cares about Morgan and that she barely knows Dillon. He counters that they can get to know each other and there would be less drama. The two kiss, which Carly sees and storms off. Kiki breaks off the kiss, despite Dillon's protests not to throw things away.

Morgan finds Sonny and asks for a job. Sonny mentions that he's opening another coffee shop in a few weeks. Morgan mentions Kiki and tells him she matters the most. Sonny warns him not to pin all of his expectations on her, but Morgan just feels that the relationship is important.

Carly confronts Kiki about what she's doing to Morgan.

Morgan runs into Dillon and tells him to keep his distance from Kiki.

Anna stops by Sonny's for an update. He tells her that Julian took the bait.

Julian doesn't understand why Alexis would want to keep the baby away from him. He says he loves her and wants things to go back to the way they were before Carlos died. Alexis asks if he's going to let her stand trial for what he did. Julian hands her a pregnancy test and tells her to prove it.