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James Patrick Stuart is Playing (SPOILER) on General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart/IMDB

My funny Valentin, sweet, comic Valetin... Wonder why I can't stop humming that tune (and leaving off a vowel) when we're much closer to The Fourth of July than St. Valentine's Day? It's because General Hospital is finally bringing on one of the most talked about, yet previously unseen, supervillains in the soap's history!

I hear new hire James Patrick Stuart will be playing the lethal Valentin Cassadine. This could be exactly the kind of game-changer this soap needs. 

The character was created by Bob Guza back in 2009.  Back then, Stuart's fellow All My Children alum Matt Borlenghi was cast in the role. However, the show's brass at the time dropped the story and character in favor of telling the tale of loopy Franco (originally movie star James Franco, now Roger Howarth) an artist/serial killer obsessed with mob hit man Jason Morgan (then Steve Burton, now Billy Miller).

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When originally conceived, Valentin was supposed to be the most heinous Cassadine of them all. Even the immortal Helena (Constance Towers) quaked at the very mention of his name! Are you excited to learn GH is bringing on a character actually related to a core family? Sound off in the comments!