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Perkie's Observations: Hayden Helps Finn; Kiki and Dillon Get Grilled on General Hospital

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Rebecca Budig

Rebecca Budig

Julian wants Alexis to pee on a stick, but first, she wants him to confess. Julian's not that stupid. He insists on it, so Alexis heads up to the bathroom. I'm sure Anna lent her a cup of some pregnant woman's sample to dip the stick in.

Alexis hands Julian the stick, which he handles as though it wasn't just covered in pee. The stick shows "pregnant". Julian's excited about being a father again because to him, this changes everything.

Julian says the baby was conceived out of love and is certain Diane will get Alexis out of a prison sentence. Alexis wants a confession, but Julian's not in a giving mood.

Sonny and Anna hope that Alexis can convince Julian that she's pregnant in order to get him to confess to the murder. Sonny doesn't like leaving Alexis alone with Julian and worries that Julian will figure out their plan. Sonny claims Julian only cares about saving his own butt and will sacrifice anyone, including Alexis.

Carly demands to know why Kiki was kissing Dillon when Morgan told her they were back together. Kiki explains that she was messed up after the shooting and that Dillon was there for her and they became friends. Kiki admits the kiss was because Dillon wants more, but that she's determined to be with Morgan. Carly warns her to not string Morgan along and to be honest with him because he's fragile. Today's drinking game...the number of times Carly says that Morgan is fragile.

Hayden is shocked to find Finn in bad shape in the PCPD lockup. He says he's out of his medication, which happens to be illegal. He's been having it sent to the hospital because having it sent to his home would make things way too easy. Hayden decides to head to the hospital to get the package. Luckily, it showed up in the day's mail and is sitting nicely in a bin on the nurses desk for anyone to take.

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Liz and Franco jokingly talk about the thing they don't want to talk about. Nina overhears and assumes that they spent the night together. Franco denies having sex with Liz. Nina demands to know why he didn't answer her text for a booty call.

Franco's not quick with an answer, so Nina assumes that it means he's already moved on with Liz. She accuses him of not wanting a baby with her, but Jake makes him happy. Franco accuses her of blowing things out of proportion. Nina declares that she's outgrown him and is done with him.

Morgan warns Dillon to keep his distance from Kiki now that they're back together. Dillon claims he'll leave Kiki alone when she tells him to. Dillon thinks Morgan should back off instead of pressuring Kiki to get back together. Morgan says he and Kiki are good together, but Dillon disagrees.

Kiki arrives and has to break up the two and is forced to make a decision. Kiki tells Dillon that she's with Morgan and has no time for him.

Carly gets home and complains to Sonny about fragile Morgan and Kiki possibly hurting poor fragile Morgan.

Anna lets herself into Alexis' home (seriously, that was just weird). Alexis tells her that Julian didn't confess when she had the phone. Anna thinks Alexis should wear a wire.

Hayden finds Finn's package at the hospital, but Liz stops her.