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Perkie's Observations: Liz Grows Suspicious; TJ Confronts Jordan on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Liz almost catches Hayden with the package, but Dr. Mays calls her into a patient's room, allowing Hayden to make an escape. Later, Liz runs into Hayden as she's leaving and questions why she's there, but Hayden tells her nothing. 

Anna tells Alexis to convince Julian that she wants him back and to use his ego against him. Alexis is concerned, but Anna offers her around the clock protection. Alexis apologizes to Anna about Duke, saying she rationalized it and made Julian promise to get out. Alexis says she didn't know Julian was a sociopathic killer and that by looking away, she's cupable. Anna tells her to make it right by wearing a wire.  

Franco pays his mother a visit to let her know that it's officially over with Nina. He asks Heather's input about Elizabeth. Franco admits that he's attracted to Liz, but that he doesn't have a good past. Heather admits that she doesn't know Liz that well and wonders what else Franco is upset about. Franco says he has no money now that he and Nina have broken up.  

Heather mentions that she has 1.5 million dollars and is willing to share some with him if he promises to keep painting. Franco says he has another outlet.  

TJ confronts Jordan about Shawn being his father. He tells her that he overheard her talking to Curtis. Jordan says she felt it was best and would lie again if she needed to. TJ gets upset, but Jordan claims it was all to give him a better life. TJ says he's an adult now, but Jordan feels the information would have been to hard to process. Jordan claims she was trying to protect him, but TJ storms off.  

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Nina overhears Julian on the phone about a baby and is not happy to hear that someone else is pregnant. Nina wonders what Alexis will do with a baby in prison, but Julian is certain that she'll be acquitted. Julian admits to Nina that his marriage is in trouble.  

The guard finds Finn on the floor and calls for an ambulance, but Finn begs him to cancel it. Hayden gets there with the medicine and Finn asks her to inject it. Finn feels better and thanks Hayden for saving his life.  

Dr. Mays discusses an elderly patient's care with Liz and complains that it shouldn't be their job to prolong a patient's pain. He points out to Liz that the patient has a DNR order. He reminds her to tell all the nurses about it. Liz finds this troubling.  

TJ interupts Curtis and Valerie's date to complain about his mother. He tells Curtis that he knows the truth. Curtis tells him to see it from Jordan's perspective, and that he needs to listen to the whole story from her.  

Alexis and Anna test out the wire by having her call Julian and invite him over to talk. Julian agrees.

Liz checks on her patient only to find Dr. Mays on the floor. Franco arrives as she's calling for help.