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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Make a Discovery; Anna Gets an Earful on General Hospital

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Maura West, Nick Stabile, Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Maura West, Nick Stabile, Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Nathan demands to know why Claudette is in town. She tells him about working at Crimson. Nathan insists that she leave, but Claudette refuses. The two discuss their past, including her affair, which Claudette apologizes for. She insists she's there to make peace, but Nathan wants her gone.

Anna and Alexis go over their plan to tape Julian. Anna swears she'll do what she can to keep Alexis safe.

Jason and Sam let themselves into the house on Cassadine Island. They overhear Nikolas and Ava in the wine cellar. The two show themselves when Nava share a drink. Jason claims he's there to take Nikolas back to Port Charles, but Ava says Jason will get arrested.

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Jason hands Nikolas a newspaper and takes a photo to prove he's alive. Ava tells Sam about Alexis' pregnancy. Sam demands to know why Nikolas pulled this stunt. Nikolas agrees that he can't run anymore and promises that Ava won't get into trouble.

Sonny and Carly discuss Alexis' case. Carly doesn't believe that Alexis can pull it off. However, Sonny's certain she'll get Julian to confess. The two share the fireworks with Avery.

Julian joins Alexis for their meeting. Julian apologizes for forcing her to take the pregnancy test. He claims he just wants to repair their relationship. Alexis claims she's scared to go to prison and agrees they need to salvage things for the sake of the baby. 

Julian takes out the dagger and says it's the only piece of evidence. He will destroy it. Julian says he kept his word to keep her out of prison. Alexis asks him if he framed her for his crime. Julian admits that he wiped all the blood off the dagger, but didn't set her up. Julian admits that he killed Carlos.

Julian says he killed Carlos so he wouldn't spill the beans about Duke's death. Anna and Paul are thrilled to have it on tape. Jordan heads out to get a warrant for Julian's arrest. Julian tries to kiss Alexis, but she backs off.