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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Gets Caught; Kristina Makes a Slip on General Hospital

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William deVry, Nancy Lee Grahn

William deVry, Nancy Lee Grahn

Julian's not happy when Alexis pulls away from him. She blames it on her hormones, but he begins to get suspicious. He slips the dagger in his pants and offers to get her a cup of tea.

Jordan returns without a warrant because it's too late. Alexis tells them that she has a bad feeling about things. Julian grabs her and covers her mouth. Julian pulls off the wire.

Nathan tells Maxie who CJ really is. Claudette claims she was only looking for a job. She says she might also need closure. Maxie wonders what that means since their marriage was a mess and Claudette cheated.

Nathan wants her to leave. Claudette reminds them that they all make mistakes. Maxie backs off and says she'll see her at work in the morning. Later, Nathan wonders why Maxie let it go. She says she knows Claudette is lying because she recognized the behavior. Maxie tells Nathan about her past with Lucky and knows that if threatened, Claudette will go to the police about Nathan's secret.

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Kristina and Aaron share a kiss while watching the fireworks. Kristina wants them to continue this at his place. Once in his bedroom, Aaron admits that he really likes her, but doesn't want to pressure her into anything. Kristina says she wants to stay and the two make love.

Afterwards, Kristina accidentally says Parker's name while she's sleeping. Once she's awake, Aaron mentions it and says he needs to know the truth about Parker.

Nina tells Curtis that she's putting Julian on the cover of the Real Men issue. Curtis reminds her that Julian tried to sabotage the company. Nina says she has Julian's number and mentions being his alibi. Curtis tells her not to lie to the police. Nina swears that she didn't. Curtis mentions needing a job, so Nina offers him one.

Anna tries to start the van, but it's been disabled. By the time the police arrive at Alexis' house, she and Julian are gone. Anna finds the empty evidence bag and Paul realizes that Julian will use the dagger on Alexis.

Julian drags Alexis to the docks and holds the dagger to her neck. He tells her that he figured out she was wearing the wire and accuses her of destroying what they had together. Alexis begs him not to kill her and brings up Sam. Julian says they won't find her body and again, blames her for betraying him and setting this in motion.

Alexis brings up the baby. She tells him he'll kill the baby if he kills her.