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Perkie's Observations: Laura Gets Closer to the Truth; Sonny Rescues Alexis on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom, Nicholas Bechtel

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom, Nicholas Bechtel

Julian says Alexis has left him no choice. Alexis begs Julian to think about their baby, but Julian says he knows there is no baby and that she lied about it. Julian accuses her of destroying him.

Sonny tells Carly that he has information on Josslyn's kidney transplant. Carly says she spoke with Jax, who wanted things to be left alone. Sonny says he found the administrator and brings her in.

Laura and Kevin discuss Spencer's odd behavior. Kevin talks to Spencer about how hard Laura is taking things. He asks for Spencer's cell phone, but the kid doesn't fall for it. Laura finds Spencer's cell phone. Kevin questions why he has two of them. Laura sees that Spencer and Nikolas have been calling each other.

Kristina tells Aaron that Parker was her professor. Molly gets home to find the police there. She calls Kristina to come home. Jordan explains to the girls about the wire and confession. Molly worries about her mother's safety.

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Nikolas and Ava try to convince Jason and Sam to let them go. Nikolas claims Helena's curse will get them...just as the lights go out. When they come back on, Nikolas is gone. Jason finds him passed out in the cellar. Sam wonders if it has something to do with Helena. Someone's watching from the window.

Carly talks to the administrator, who claims she doesn't remember anything. Carly throws her weight around. The administrator admits that her role was to deal with the paperwork and that a woman was responsible for procuring Josslyn's kidney.

The administrator describes the woman. Carly shows her a photo of Helena from her phone. Don't we all have a photo of Helena on our phones? Later, Ramona calls someone and tells them that Carly fell for her story.

Sonny and his gun find Julexis on the docks. He stops Julian from killing Alexis. Sonny and Julian fight over the gun. Alexis picks up the dagger and stabs Julian in the back. Sonny drops the gun and puts his prints on the knife.

The police get to the pier. Sonny claims he was the one who stabbed Julian. Julian is taken to the hospital and Alexis thanks Sonny for saving her. Alexis is reunited with her girls.