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Perkie's Observations: Ava and Nikolas Make the Best of a Bad Situation on General Hospital

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Maura West, Nick Stabile

Maura West, Nick Stabile

Laura demands to know who Spencer's been talking to on the burner phone. She calls the number, but it gets dropped because of the storm on the island. Spencer finally admits that Nikolas is alive and faking his death.

Sam and Jason lock Nikolas and Ava in a bedroom. Nikolas' phone rings, so Jason confiscates it, along with their shoes so they can't run away during the night. Someone's watching them.

Carly and Nina run into each other. Nina complains that Julian can no longer be on her cover. Carly tells her about Josslyn's kidney. Nina commiserates with her. Carly says she needs to find answers. Nina offers to tell Josslyn's story in the magazine to help shed light on the black market organ ring. Carly agrees.

Sabrina tells Michael that the baby is being kept overnight for observation. She thanks him for his support, then admits that she wants to be a nurse again. Michael offers to appeal to Monica. Sabrina thanks him and the two share a kiss.

Finn's angry with his supplier, who's supply has run dry. Hayden drops by with vitamins and claims she can get him a new supply via her father's former cronies. Finn doesn't want her involved, despite Hayden's claims that she just wants to help him.

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Tracy shows up, so Hayden leaves. Tracy hands Finn his hospital ID badge and tells him that he's been reinstated. Later, Hayden finds Tracy and tells her that she needs her help with saving Finn's life.

Spencer admits to Laura that Nikolas staged his disappearance to save himself. Laura's angry with Nikolas' poor judgement and asks where he is hiding out. Spencer says his father is moving around a lot and isn't sure where he is.

Kevin questions why Nikolas would do this. Laura tells him that Nikolas can be arrested if he returns.

Ava finds Helena's journal. The last entry was a few days before her death. The journal reads that Helena knew her staff was poisoning her on Nikolas' orders. He denies killing his grandmother.

Ava thinks she and Nikolas are kindred spirits and wonders what's in store for them. The two kiss, until Ava finds the pouch in his pocket. Nikolas accuses her of playing him the whole time. Ava opens the pouch and sees the diamonds.

Sam and Jason find the man who was watching them. He claims his name is Theo, a fisherman. He says his boat took on water and he needed to come on land. Theo claims he is only there for shelter and promises not to tell anyone anything.