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Perkie's Observations: Maxie and Curtis Look for Clues; Liz Relents on General Hospital

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Donnell Turner, Molly Burnett

Donnell Turner, Molly Burnett

Franco stops the elevator and covers the camera with his jacket. He questions whether Liz or not is afraid of him. He says he thought they were friends. He adds that he's changed and she's the reason why. Liz doesn't want him putting that onto her.

Franco accuses Liz of avoiding him by changing her shifts. Liz admits that she doesn't trust herself. She says for years she considered him a monster and that she doesn't have good judgment when it comes to men. Liz says she's afraid of how she feels about him.

Nathan is not interested in taking CJ to lunch, but Maxie wants her occupied so she can snoop in CJ's room.

Valerie shares the conference room with Griffin while she looks over Nathan's files about the hospital killer. The two discuss who the killer could be. Talk turns to Franco. Valerie doesn't believe the tumor excuse. Griffin explains that it was in the frontal lobe, which deals with right and wrong.

Griffin believes people can change and shouldn't be defined by the worst thing they've done. He's certain that Franco has changed until Valerie's partner shows up to tell her that Franco is holding someone in the elevator.

Aaron's thrilled at the opening of his new coffee shop. He thanks Sonny for investing in him.

Curtis runs into Jordan, who asks about his decision to return to the force. Curtis tells her that he accepted a position as a PI instead. She tells Curtis that TJ is angry at her for lying. Jordan says she did it for TJ's own good, but Curtis thinks she was only protecting herself.

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Molly and Kristina discuss her working with and dating Aaron. Kristina tells her that she and Aaron had sex. Molly wonders about Parker. Kristina says she told Aaron everything, except that Parker was a woman. Kristina says she's through with Parker. Molly shows her that Parker's is at PCU as a guest speaker.

Carly tells Sonny about working with Nina to find out who Josslyn's donor is. She says she's receiving responses via the Crimson website. Sonny warns her to be careful of anyone who may want to take advantage of her.

Maxie lets herself into CJ's hotel room and finds the wedding photo on the dresser. Curtis lets himself into the room and finds Maxie snooping. Curtis tells her that he's investigating for Nina. Maxie says CJ has an agenda that can hurt Nathan.

Claudette is thrilled when Nathan meets her for lunch and apologizes again for what went down in their marriage. CJ admits she felt neglected in the marriage and found another man. Nathan says he wants to find the guy to make amends and asks for his name.

TJ seeks out Jordan and asks why she lied about his father. Jordan says Thomas was a good man and she didn't want to hurt him more than she had with the affair. TJ asks why she didn't say anything when he got older. Jordan says she thought she was doing the right thing and asks his forgiveness.

Aaron pushes the issue of Parker with Kristina, but she says she's put that behind her and wants to move on with him.

Franco says Liz makes him happy and that he can't stop thinking about her. Liz says she cares about him, but needs time. Liz promises she won't change her shifts. Franco says he needs her in his life.

Valerie and her partner grab Franco when the elevator returns. Liz claims it got stuck and that Franco didn't trap or hurt her.