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Laura Gets a Suspicious Picture; Theo Makes a Surprise Entrance on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart, Dominic Zompragna, Emme Rylan, Billy Miller, Genie Francis, Nick Stabile

James Patrick Stuart, Dominic Zompragna, Emme Rylan, Billy Miller, Genie Francis, Nick Stabile

Curtis questions Maxie about CJ's intentions. He wonders what she may be holding over Nathan. Maxie covers herself, but he knows something's up and warns her to be careful.

CJ refuses to give Nathan her lover's name, which angers Nathan. He accuses her of having ulterior motives in accepting the job. CJ swears she has no interest in him and is only here about the job.

Kiki and Morgan run into Darby. Kiki is not happy to see her rival out on a date with Dillon. Kiki confronts Dillon and claims Darby was responsible for Morgan's destructive behavior. Dillon reminds Kiki that she's not interested in him, so why should she care who he dates.

Laura is surprised when Kevin joins them on their trip to Cassadine Island. Kevin says he thought he could help. He also received a letter from the Johnsons. Laura opens it to find a photo of the Ice Princess. She thinks Helena is daring her to go back to the island.

Kevin finds it suspicious that she would receive this at the same time that she's heading to the island to look for Nikolas. Kevin wonders if Nikolas conspired with his grandmother. Laura says Nikolas detested Helena and that it's just a coincidence.

Nikolas wants Jason to let him go so that he can head back to the US. He wants to prove he is alive without being present. Jason refuses.

Sam thinks Ava should leave when Theo does, but Ava says she's staying with Nikolas. Sam doesn't understand the loyalty. Ava lets it slip about the diamonds, which interest both Jason and Sam.

Jason tells Nikolas to let him take him back to PC. Ava thinks Jason is right and that he made a bad choice. She thinks he can turn it around for Spencer's sake.

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Curtis, for reasons that I still don't understand, confronts Griffin about his dual profession. Curtis doesn't believe you can be a priest and a doctor since all priests that he's known were priests until God took them home. Griffin claims you can leave the priesthood if you choose and that he didn't leave because of a woman.

Maxie finds Nathan and CJ together. The two women pretend to be nice to each other. Once CJ leaves, Maxie tells Nathan about her search of the room. She mentions that Curtis is looking into CJ as well.

Morgan notices that Kiki is distracted about Dillon. Kiki tells him that she warned Dillon about Darby. Meanwhile, Darby dumps Dillon because she realized that he was into Kiki.

Lulu is thrilled and angry to find Nikolas alive. Dante tells Jason that the charges against him will be dropped and he'll deal with Nikolas from here on out.

Laura accuses Nikolas of being unfair by allowing them to grieve. Nikolas claims he couldn't see a way out and that this was his only solution. Laura's just glad that he's alive.

Curtis apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion and leaves. Maxie and Nathan discuss Nina hiring Curtis. They think Nina has to get him to back off his investigation of CJ. They concede that she won't go away easily. She tells him about the wedding picture.

CJ notices the wedding picture is in the wrong place. She realizes that someone has been in her room. She deduces it was Maxie.

Kiki needles Morgan about Darby. He apologizes that he hurt her in the past. Morgan says they have to focus on the future and Kiki agrees. As Darby walks away, Dillon grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. Darby invites him into her apartment.

Dante says he's ready to start moving forward with the authorities. Theo walks in and tells everyone the party is just getting started. He informs them that they are his guests and pulls a gun. He lets them know if anyone breaks the rules, they will die.