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Perkie's Observations: Lucas Denounces Julian and Theo Reveals His Identity on General Hospital

Ryan Carnes

Ryan Carnes

The part of Perkie will be played today by Mike.

Julian is lying in his hospital bed when a shadowy figure approaches. Who could it be? It's Lucas, who is paying dear old dad a visit.

Alexis comes home and hides a pregnancy test when Molly and Kristina call for her. They want to pamper Alexis with a girl's night in. Alexis talks about the love and betrayal she feels for Julian being a part of their home. The girls offer their support and the three share a warm hug.

Hayden introduces Tracy to their new partner, her mother Naomi. Tracy wonders how Naomi can help. Hayden reveals to them that she needs her to get an illegal drug.

Theo brings in henchmen to help him out. He takes Sam hostage and force Jason to his knees. Jason is handcuffed.

Finn approaches Sonny and offers to buy him a drink. Sonny is suspicious of his motives. When Finn asks about Carly, Sonny fills him in on the shady administrator who handled Josslyn's donation.

Lucas asks for the truth about Alexis. Julian denies that he would have killed Alexis. Lucas says she is alive because of Sonny. Julian says he needs Lucas in his life, but Lucas rejects him. He says that Tony Jones was his true father. Lucas reiterates that Julian is nothing to him.

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Lucas yells at Julian to stop lying about killing Carlos, setting up Alexis, then trying to kill her. As Lucas tells him goodbye, Olivia walks in. She adds to the fire and tells him he will never see Leo again.

Alexis asks Kristina about Aaron. She tells him he's fine. She says to Alexis that Parker's coming to Port Charles to speak. Alexis tells her to leave Parker alone because she's married. Kristina asks about what's next for Julian, but Alexis is not in the mood to talk about him. Molly tells her mother that she's moving in with TJ.

Meanwhile, Finn asks Sonny if he can help him get the help he needs. Sonny rattles off reasons why he avoids trafficking drugs.

Nikolas demands to know who Theo really is, but he refuses to answer. He takes Sam and Jason out of the room. Nikolas translates that his henchman has orders to kill anyone who moves, except him. As tension builds, the others in the room accuse Nikolas of lying about Theo's identity to protect himself.

Jason thinks that he may have been on the island under Helena's control and he's not supposed to remember it. Sam wonders if Theo knows Jason from his previous time on the island. Jason speculates that Theo's target is really Nikolas and not him.

Naomi reconsiders helping Hayden when Tracy tells her that money is no object. Hayden says she is helping Finn because he needs her. Naomi agrees to help until she realizes the drug is addictive and Finn may not really be sick.

Molly finds the pregnancy test. The girls argue about who the pregnancy test belongs to. Alexis says the pregnancy test is hers. Kristina and Molly leave her alone to take the test.

Finn tells Sonny how he and his wife got their disease. Sonny realizes that the drug Finn needs is addictive. He tells Finn he will think about helping him and let him know what he decides.

Laura asks Theo if he's on Helena's payroll, but he denies it. Lulu notices the Cassadine crest tattoo. Nikolas realizes Theo is really his bastard uncle, Valentin Cassadine. Valentin tells him he's right.