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Perkie's Observations: Laura Plans an Escape and Nikolas Takes Another Tumble General Hospital

Dominic Zamprogna, Emme Rylan, Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Dominic Zamprogna, Emme Rylan, Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Diane tells Alexis it's time to go to Julian's arraignment. Alexis hesitates and Diane takes notice. Alexis grabs her purse, revealing the stick. Diane asks if she's pregnant.

Griffin tells Julian that he's recovered tells him he can make it to his arraignment. One of his henchman comes in wondering when he's going to get sprung.

Jordan thanks Curtis for encouraging TJ to hear her out. Curtis says he's happy for TJ. He thinks forgiveness is better than carrying a grudge. Jordan questions what he means.

Valentin addresses his convention. Nikolas gets in his face, demanding answers. Valentin is not happy that his family line is broken in the Cassadine book, where he's referred to as the bastard son. He wants everything Nikolas has.

Andre appears when Jordan informs Curtis that she and TJ are going to visit Sean in Pentonville. Jordan fills Andre in on TJ and Sean. She says Curtis helped them make peace.

Alexis reveals that she's not pregnant. Whew! Alexis is happy to not be pregnant with her murderous husband's baby. Diane understands Alexis' mixed feelings. Diane agrees that Julian is despicable and vile, but he's still her husband and she loved him.

Griffin tells Valerie that Julian is ready to get released for his arraignment. Valerie tells him Julian's looking at a life sentence. Meanwhile, Julian tells his henchman that he doesn't want to go to prison and that he should leave before things go down. 

Andre is not happy that Jordan didn't tell him about TJ. She asks if he's angry. He wants to know why he wasn't included in this part of her life. Jordan says she doesn't broadcast that information and she handled it on her own.

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Nina tells Curtis to leave Claudette alone. She admits that she wants to know everything, but is abiding by her brother's wishes. Curtis confesses that he's preoccupied with Jordan because he put in for a police officer job and she hasn't responded.

Nikolas refuses to sign everything over. Nikolas says he would have done something to help if he'd known about him and that he was growing up poor. He says they can work something out now, but not at the cost of holding his family hostage. He takes Ava hostage and leads her and Nikolas upstairs.

Alexis says she was involved with a sociopath who she let into her heart and soul. Diane says love isn't logical. She wonders if Alexis can switch off her feelings. All Alexis wants is for Julian to look her in the eye while she takes him down.

Julian says Griffin never knew Duke when the doctor brings him up. Griffin retorts that not knowing his father must make his killing okay. Julian schools Griffin that Duke an enemy, not a rival. He says Duke was gunning for him, not the other way around. He adds they were involved in a ruthless business and Duke wasn't innocent. Julian passes out and Griffin calls for a code blue.

Nina questions how a sexy guy like Curtis is unattached. She puts on the moves and Valerie interrupts. Nina backs away from the couple.

Jordan defends herself. She made all the decisions and raised TJ alone. Andre doesn't understand how she kept quiet for so long. She says if he had children he'd understand. Jordan's bat phone signals that she has to leave.

Diane tells Alexis it may be better for her to be separated from Julian emotionally. Jordan sends a bat signal to Alexis that they should meet. Diane offers to go as her best friend, not a lawyer. The two embrace.

Julian comes around. Griffin explains he had an arrhythmia, which can indicate a more serious heart problem. Griffin tells him he has to stay put until he gets more tests. Meanwhile, Jordan is informed that Julian is not having an arraignment.

Ava tells Nikolas that once he signs the papers, he will no longer be needed. Downstairs, Lulu assures Laura that Nikolas will be okay. Kevin says he's still happy that he followed Laura to the island. He says he likes working as a team. Laura says she may know a way out.

Nikolas agrees with Valentin to save his family. After Nikolas signs the papers, Valentin raises his gun to Ava. The men struggle while Ava screams at them. A shot rings out and Nikolas falls out a window.