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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Sees Parker and Carly Gets Around on General Hospital

Ashley Jones, Lexi Ainsworth

Ashley Jones, Lexi Ainsworth

After sex, Darby says Dillon proved to her that he's over Kiki Jerome. Kiki's steaming in her own jealousy while she looks at her phone hashtags.

Carly is proud of Morgan for resetting his life. She wants to know about his first day, but he has plans with Kiki. Morgan says that she had a run-in with Dillon and may not be in a great mood.

Michael wants to know why Sabrina is moving out if they're working toward a relationship.

Sonny schmoozes Felix with his dimples. He wants to see Julian even though it's after visiting hours. Felix is uncomfortable for about a second before he spills confidential information about Julian's health condition. At the same time, Ghost Carlos visits Julian to remind him he will spend years rotting in a prison cell.

Darby talks about Kiki, even though Dillon told her he doesn't want to. Instead, she decides to get him worked up again. Unfortunately, Dillion has to go to work, which probably leaves him in a bad position.

Carly and Morgan talk about Darby. Morgan tells a slow tale of the quad's short history. Carly fills in Morgan about her leads with Josslyn's kidney. Morgan hugs it out with her and leaves.

Enter Kiki...who is alone with Carly. You know it's coming. She asks about her run in with Darby about dating Dillon. Kiki says it's not her business. However, Carly disagrees. She reminds her of her kiss and how she reacted. She reiterates her concern for Morgan if Kiki is lying.

Alexis wants to know if Kristina is planning on seeing Parker. Kristina says she needs to get over her since she's dedicated to her wife. Kristina says she's going to see Aaron. Alexis prepares to go to the hospital.

Sonny tells Felix that he's faking his condition to avoid prison. Ghost Carlos does the same. He also warns Julian to be careful of his dosing. The ghost disappears and Julian's heart alarm goes off. Felix runs toward his room, with Sonny close behind.

Michael wants to know how long Sabrina was going to wait to tell him she's moving. Michael asks Sabrina why she's running away. She says it's the last thing she wants to do. 

Kiki denies she's not leading Morgan on. Carly hopes she's being honest. Later, Kiki tells Morgan she's tired, but he says he got them a room at Metro Court. Kiki backs off and claims she's not ready.

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Julian claims he saw someone in the room. Felix says it was him. As Felix checks Julian, he looks up and see Sonny in the doorway. Felix tells him to leave because he is agitating his patient. Sonny gets in a few digs at Julian's expense and walks away. When Felix leaves, Ghostie comes back.

Feeling über relentless, Carly goes to Dillon and asks about his run-in with Kiki. Dillon tells her there's nothing there, but Carly wants more reassurance. She tells him that Morgan can get really hurt if he pursues Kiki.

When Morgan questions Kiki about her lack of desire, she reminds him of that one night he couldn't perform. She wants to make sure his medication levels are okay, but he has to find out. She is scared to get on another emotional rollercoaster with him.

Kristina goes to see Parker. She encourages Kristina to say what she feels to give her closure. She talks about Aaron. Kristina questions if Parker thinks she still has feelings for her because she's dating a guy.

Sabrina says she owes Michael his space and they shouldn't live together if they are going to date. She thinks that's too much pressure. Michael says that he doesn't care. Sabrina reassures him they are on the same page. Michael gets word that he has to go back to the office right away.

Parker reveals that her marriage is over. Kristina apologizes for her part, but Parker tells her it was a long time in coming. Kristina holds her while she cries. They end up kissing...and in bed.

Morgan says Kiki deserves to be with someone who isn't a screw up. He gets angry. Kiki says she loves him and they kiss. She encourages him and they work their way toward their room.

The ghost talks about everything we saw when Julian killed him, set up Alexis, and tried to kill her. Sonny tells Alexis that he thinks she took something to make him sick. She shows Sonny that she brought divorce papers. Sonny is thrilled.

Sonny comes to Metro Court. Carly tells him what happened in her interesting day. Sonny tells her to back off and stay out Morgan's love life. Carly is happy that Morgan won't find out that she interfered. Carly gets an email that a woman wants to meet her about the kidney donation.

Morgan stops stripping Kiki when he sees the bullet wound. Kiki says she doesn't remember getting shot, but she knew he was there. Kiki tells him the scar is a reminder that they survived. They hit the sheets.

Julian tells Ghost Carlos he would undo everything because he loves Alexis, which she overhears. She comes into the room and approaches Julian's bed.

Sabrina tells Teddy all their dreams are coming true. There's a knock at the door. She opens it and sees Carlos.