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Perkie's Observations: Heather's Name Causes Naomi to Panic on General Hospital

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Robin Riker, Lynn Herring, Kin Shriner, Roger Howarth

Robin Riker, Lynn Herring, Kin Shriner, Roger Howarth

Sabrina's happy to see Carlos' brother Joe on her doorstep. Michael however, is not amused. Joe says he's a pediatric surgeon who was estranged from Carlos for years. Now he wants to make it up to Sabrina and his nephew.

Scotty's looking for work and asks Lucy to be Coco's lead counsel. Lucy admits that she's broke because her broker invested in Raymond Berlin.

Franco hands Liz a check for $6000 for the boys' summer camps, but Liz refuses to accept it. Franco says it was a gift from Heather. Liz still doesn't want it. Franco then offers to take her on a date, but Liz says she needs time to decide. Ric sees them together.

Hayden accuses Finn of being a drug addict, but Finn vehemently denies it. He tells her that he's found a solution to his problem. Hayden desperately wants him to be a good guy and wonders if she was wrong about him. Finn says he never lied to her.

Carly tells Sonny that she's meeting with Wendy Pickett regarding Josslyn's transplant. Sonny worries that this woman could be a con artist out to take advantage of her.

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Scott and Lucy spot Naomi at the bar and confront her about their missing money. Naomi says it was all her ex's fault and she doesn't know where their money is. Franco walks up and mentions getting money from Heather. When Naomi hears Heather's name, she passes out and needs to be hospitalized.

Ric confronts Liz about her relationship with Franco, but Liz points out that it isn't his business. Ric feels Liz is easy pickings right now and that Franco is conning her. Liz says Franco is working to get his life back on track and has been honest.

Sonny meets with Finn and says he'll help get him get the drug that he needs in exchange for something. Sonny wants Finn to take over as Julian's doctor and take care of him. Finn refuses to kill Julian. Sonny doesn't want Julian dead, but well enough for his court appearance. Finn accepts.

Carly meets with Wendy, who claims to be Josslyn's donor. She mentions her complications from the surgery and how she needs funds. Carly wants the medical records. She asks Wendy about her blood type. It is not compatible with Josslyn's. Carly realizes the girl is a fraud, but feels sorry for her. She gives her money anyway.

Lucy wonders what Franco will do with all the money. Scott thinks Franco should retain him as a lawyer in case he gets arrested for the hospital murders. Franco says the money is going to Liz and her boys. Scott warns Franco to stay away from Liz and that Jason will not be happy.

Liz gets tired of Ric's questions and calls Franco to accept his offer for a date.

Hayden is called to the hospital where Naomi is recovering from a panic attack. Hayden is not happy that Liz is her nurse or how Liz treats her mother. Naomi tells Hayden to get along with Liz.