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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Gets Lost and Kevin Saves Laura on General Hospital

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Laura (Genie Francis) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) get bad news from Ava (Maura West),

Laura (Genie Francis) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) get bad news from Ava (Maura West),

The morning after finds Kristina basking in the afterglow of her night with Parker. She's feeling things she's never felt before. Parker, on the other hand, feels like it was just one night and that she needs to get back to her life without Kristina in it.

Kristina wants them to continue to explore their connection, but Parker feels they've crossed a line and that Kristina needs to figure out who she really is.

Kiki and Morgan wake up together and he's happy that they're back together. Kiki heads off to work without answering Morgan's declaration of love.

Tracy wonders about Dillon's evenings out and whether there's a special someone in his life. Kiki tells Dillon that she and Morgan are officially back together and hopes they can remain friends. Later, Dillon saves Kiki from a group of idiot college kids and Tracy points out that he'll never be just friends with Kiki.

Sonny tells Finn that he'll send the plane for the drugs once he knows that Julian has been cleared to go to his arraignment. Finn reminds Sonny that he won't lie or jeopardize Julian's health. Tracy checks in with Finn because she's worried about him, but he reassures her that he has the situation handled.

Griffin gives Julian a clean bill of health and hands him the divorce papers that Alexis left behind.

Sonny gives Aaron the talk about how to treat his daughter or else. Aaron reassures him that he respects Kristina and that they've been honest about their pasts.

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Griffin runs into Finn, who looks like crap again. He wants Finn to unburden himself on Father Munro, but Finn claims he has nothing to confess.

Finn checks out Julian and gives him a clean bill of health. He calls Sonny to let him know, so that Sonny can arrange for the drugs. Julian tells Griffin that he thinks there's something seriously wrong with him.

Morgan tells Sonny that he and Kiki are back together and going strong. Morgan forgot his pills at the hotel, so Sonny offers to go and pick them up.

Parker tries to distance herself from Kristina, who insists that there is something between them. Kristina and Parker kiss at the door and Sonny sees them.

On Cassadine Island, everyone worries about the gunshot they heard 8 hours earlier and why Nikolas and Ava haven't resurfaced. Kevin calms Laura's fears, while Lante prepare to create a distraction so that Lulu can get help.

Ava wonders why Valentin let her live, then offers an alliance. Ava offers her body in exchange for being his right hand lady. The two start to kiss until Ava smacks him in the head with a book and runs off.

Dante and Kevin create a diversion and Lulu takes off, but gets lost in the tunnels. Ava gets caught and Laura demands to know what happened to Nikolas. Ava tells her that Nikolas is dead and explains what happened. Laura loses it.

Valentin is angry with Ava and determined to kill her. Laura screams at him that he took her son and she'll never cooperate with him. Valentin goes to shoot Laura, but Kevin jumps in the way and takes the bullet.