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General Hospital Baddie James Patrick Stuart Reminisces on All My Children Stint

All My Children

James Patrick Stuart, Kelly Ripa

Almost three decades before he began terrorizing Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and her offspring as General Hospital's lethal Valentin Cassadine, fan favorite James Patrick Stuart cut his soap villain teeth as Will Cortlandt on All My Children! From 1989-92, Stuart played the hayseed nephew of mogul Palmer Cortlandt (the late James Mitchell) and brother of beloved heroine Dixie Cooney (Cady McClain) on the ABC Daytime hit.

Unlike Dixie, Will changed his surname from Cooney to Cortlandt like good ole Uncle Pete from Pigeon Hollow. He also married and tried to rape Hayley Vaughan (a pre-Live! Kelly Ripa) before ending up bludgeoned to death by Janet From Another Planet (Kate Collins)!

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Soap Opera Digest recently got Stuart to dish about his Pine Valley past. Here's what he said about Francis, who played the glamorous Ceara Hunter on AMC:

  “She was like a big sister to me,” he says fondly. “She and Jonathan [Frakes, her husband] used to take me out to dinner and order more Chinese food than was necessary so they could send me home with some, because they knew that I was living by myself. She has raised two children since then, but her soul is still the same. We were able to pick up right where we left off.”  

Sounds like Francis is my kinda co-worker. Daytime Confidential's Luke Kerr has never once bought me Chinese food! For more of Stuart reminiscing about his Pine Valley days, visit SOD.