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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Confronts Kristina and Naomi Threatens Heather on General Hospital

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Robin Mattson, Robin Riker

Robin Mattson, Robin Riker

Parker's still hesitant about the relationship with Kristina, who only wants to live in the moment and be honest with one other. Parker heads out to her conference and promises to continue the discussion later. Sonny shows up at the door.

Naomi and Hayden both get a subpoena to answer more questions, which upsets them. Hayden runs into Finn, who says he's heading out of town. He gets upset when Hayden presses for more answers. Hayden wonders if the help is coming from Sonny, but Finn tells her to back off. Hayden swears he can count on her and that she only wants to help him.

After Kevin is shot, Dante manages to disarm and hold Valentin at gunpoint. Ava convinces him that the guards will kill them all if he shoots their leader. Personally, I think they would have had no reason to. He would have let them go if Valentin were dead, but I wasn't there to tell Dante that. Dante hands the gun back and offers to be Valentin's only hostage.

Lulu stumbles across a decomposed body in the tunnels. It happens to be wearing a wristband and earring similar to what Luke usually wears. Lulu wonders if it could be her father. A guard comes walking by, so Lulu manages to knock him out and steal his gun.

Franco forgets the definition of the word boundaries. He bothers Liz while she's dealing with Naomi to ask if she agreed to a date. The talk turns to the money. Liz says again that she won't accept money from Heather. Naomi reacts to the name again.

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Kristina claims she's visiting a friend for breakfast, but Sonny tells her that he saw them kissing. Kristina admits who Parker is and that she was scared what her father's reaction would be. Sonny swears he would love her no matter what. Kristina says she's not sure if she's gay and asks if he can accept her.

Franco pays Heather a visit to let her know that Liz accepted his date proposal and wants his mother to promise not to hurt Liz. Heather says she's happy for him, that Liz is a fine person because she's Jeff's daughter and Steven's half sister.

Naomi questions Liz about Franco and the rumors of his past, you know, when he killed people for sport. Liz says Franco is a changed person, who's been amazing to her and deserves a second chance. Naomi mentions them being related via Heather, but Liz explains that Heather is Franco's mother and not hers. Liz says where Heather is staying.

Later, Naomi heads to the facility to pay Heather a visit. She tells Heather not to tell Franco about her connection to Liz or she'll make Heather's life miserable.

Valentin decides he should kill them all. Both Dante and Ava try to convince them it would be better for him to take the money and run. Valentin wonders who he'll kill first.

Lulu shows up, gun in hand.