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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Makes a Move; Alexis Fires a Warning on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan, Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom, James Patrick Stuart

Emme Rylan, Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom, James Patrick Stuart

Lulu claims she'll blow a hole in Valentin, but he's got his gun trained on Laura. She wonders which of them will get the shot off first. Darn it Lulu, I told you yesterday to come in guns blazing with less talking. Lulu backs down.

Nina shows Carly a stack of emails from people who had transplants around the time that Josslyn did. Carly wonders why Nina is so eager to help her. At first, Nina says it's good for business, then changes it to that it makes her feel good.

Sonny wonders if Kristina would have ever told him the truth if he hadn't seen her kissing Parker. Kristina explains about her attraction. She admits that she was scared to tell her father the truth. Sonny says she can tell him anything. Sonny asks about Aaron. Kristina says he's a good guy, but that she has a connection to Parker. Sonny doesn't think Parker is right for her. Kristina asks if he would accept a gay daughter. Sonny says he would.

Sam wakes up from her nap, stands up and passes out, probably because her shirt is so tight it's cutting off her circulation. At least it's open so she can air out her girls. Jason turns into the Hulk and breaks free of the chair, knocks out the guard, and gets Sam to come around.

Julian tears up the divorce papers. He checks with his minion to see if there's been any word from Ava because he needs her help to get out of town. The minion promises to bring him more drugs to prevent the court date .

Paul warns Alexis that she may be charged with violations regarding Carlos' defense case. He tells her to call Diane for help because she may be disbarred.

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Paul heads to the hospital to let Julian know that he'll personally escort him to the courthouse. Julian says his lawyer will suppress the wire evidence, but Paul feels they have an airtight case.

Alexis is worried when Kristina doesn't come home or return her calls. She runs into Parker at the café and wonders about the coincidence. Parker tells Alexis that she spent the night with Kristina.

Alexis accuses her of taking advantage of and seducing Kristina. Parker says Kristina was a willing participant and that she cares about her. Alexis warns that she'll go to the dean and to the wife if Parker doesn't end things.

Josslyn walks in on Carly and Nina's meeting and tells her mother to stop the search for her donor. Carly says they need to know the medical history in case they ever need it again, but Josslyn is worried about everyone knowing her private business. She vows she'll go and live with Jax permanently, so Carly backs off. Later, Carly tells Nina that they're still searching discreetly. Josslyn calls Jax to update him.

Nina pays Julian a visit, asking him to sign papers giving her full control of Crimson. Nina bumps into his minion, who drops the only vial of drugs onto the floor. Paul shows up to take Julian to the courthouse.

Jason and Sam catch the group by surprise, but Valentin manages to escape. The rest of the guards are captured. Jason chases after Valentin, who gets away. The group decide they need to leave. Lulu doesn't want to leave Nikolas behind, but Laura feels they need to get away.

Alexis runs into Kristina, who explains what happened with Sonny. Alexis says she knows about Parker. Kristina tells her mother to back off and that she'll figure things out with Parker.

Parker writes Kristina a goodbye letter.