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Perkie's Observations: Julian Faces a Judge and Lulu Gets a Clue on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan, Genie Francis

Emme Rylan, Genie Francis

Alexis tells Diane that she can't go to Julian's arraignment, but Diane says she needs to put in an appearance. Diane promises to be there for support.

In the courtroom, Sonny stops by to goad Julian. Julian thinks Sonny will have him killed in prison. Sonny says he's decided he'd rather see Julian rot in prison so that enemies might get to him.

Scotty enters a plea of not guilty. Paul tells the judge that Julian is a flight risk and should be denied bail. Julian tells Scotty to ask the judge that he be remanded into Alexis' custody.

Diane loses it and reminds the court that Julian tried to kill Alexis, and that he should be nowhere near her. Julian declares that he'd never hurt Alexis and that they love each other. Julian honey, the island of delusion and denial called, they have your padded cell ready.

The judge announces there will be no bail and Julian will be held in custody. Alexis confronts Julian and says she'd never take responsibility for him. Julian claims they love each other and their love is being tested. Alexis says she only feels contempt for him.

Maxie and Nathan discuss Claudette's motives for coming to town. Maxie worries she'll do something to stop the wedding and wants CJ gone. After Maxie leaves, CJ shows up claiming she needs more closure. CJ pulls out their wedding photo and claims she was surprised to find it among her things. She add that it's time to get rid of it and tosses it in their trash. CJ declares herself over Nathan.

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At Crimson, Maxie loads a Spinelli-original flash drive into CJ's computer and installs a virus to corrupt her files. When CJ gets to the office, Nina confronts her with bad photos of her designs. Nina tells Maxie that they can't go to print. Nina needs to get the issues out and fire CJ.

CJ has someone from IT look into the problem, saying she had Malware protection installed on her computer, just in case. Maxie worries as CJ claims she can trace where it came from. Maxie's computer starts to ping.

On Cassadine Island, JaSam head out to find a way home, while the others take a rest. Kevin decides the bullet needs to come out, so Laura performs the operation on him.

Ava worries that they're sitting ducks and need to take action. She wishes she could call Julian for help. Dante tells her that Julian was arrested. Ava can't believe Julian would try to kill Alexis.

Ava explains to Lulu that she ran into Nikolas on a flight and that he felt terrible for the pain he caused her and Laura. She's sorry for Lulu and Laura's loss, saying Nikolas was a good man. Laura feels Nikolas would still be alive if he hadn't come to the island. She thinks the island is cursed.

The group is surprised when a young woman shows up. She claims she's Daphne and that she lives on the island. Ava thinks she's part of Valentin's crew. However, Laura agrees with her that there are civilians living on the island. Sure, 'cause Helena would have tolerated that. Give me a break, show.

Kevin starts to get feverish. Daphne claims to have a first aid kit and some antibiotics lying around. She offers to get them. Lulu reacts when Daphne mentions her street name. She tells them that the envelope she got in Helena's will had that return address on it.