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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Comes Clean; Jason and Dante Try to Fly on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Nancy Lee Grahn, Lexi Ainsworth

Maurice Benard, Nancy Lee Grahn, Lexi Ainsworth

On Cassadine Island, Daphne heads off to get some medicine. Kevin thanks Laura for everything she's done to help save him. Jason and Sam return with news that they've found a jet. They inform everyone that Jason will fly them off the island. Ava wants to leave right away, but Laura wants to wait for Daphne and her supplies.

Sonny's upset with Alexis for not telling him about Kristina and Parker. Alexis feels it was not her place to tell him. Sonny thinks Parker is taking advantage of Kristina and she will get hurt.

Aaron gives Kristina Parker's letter. Kristina gets upset when she reads it and learns that Parker has dumped her.

Nina questions why Maxie would sabotage Crimson. Maxie says she was trying to get rid of CJ. Nina apologizes to CJ, but she says there's no place for her and that she will accept another job offer.

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After CJ leaves, Nina tells Maxie that she did the right thing, but to never undermine the magazine again. Nina thinks CJ isn't ready to let Nathan go just yet, but Maxie says she trusts him.

Claudette shows up at Nathan's to say goodbye. She tells him that Maxie set her up, but she knows they can't work together, so she's heading out of Port Charles. CJ complains that her car service was cancelled, so Nathan offers to drive her to the airport.

Alexis and Sonny seek out Kristina, who tells them that Parker dumped her. Alexis asks about her feelings for Aaron. Kristina says she likes him, but needs to get over Parker.

Kristina tells Aaron that she slept with her professor and finally admits that it's a woman. Aaron questions if she's gay and using him, but Kristina says she wants to remain friends.

Alexis admits to Sonny that she saw Parker and nudged her to get out of Kristina's life. Sonny admits he would have done the same, but both know that Kristina won't be happy if she finds out.

Jason and Dante fly the plane, but quickly realize that they're losing fuel and need to make an emergency landing.