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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Franco Have a Date on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Amy spots Franco entering a patient's room and narcs him out to Valerie. Valerie stops Franco when he comes out and finds an empty vial on him. Franco claims he found the vial and was planning on disposing it. Valerie sends the vial to be tested.

Jordan tells Curtis that she took TJ to visit Shawn and that they had a lovely family visit. Curtis is happy for her. Jordan apologizes for how she's behaved through all of this and tells Curtis that she wants him to be a strong presence in TJ's life.

Curtis reminds her that she didn't want him in TJ's life. Jordan admits she made mistakes, but that TJ is her top priority and needs a man he can respect. She says she trusts Curtis with her son, which makes Curtis happy.

Maxie sets up a romantic evening with Nathan only to get worried when he doesn't show up. She finds his phone left behind. Maxie spots the wedding photo in the trash and wonders what CJ has done to Nathan.

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Nathan has car problems while taking CJ to the airport and they end up in the middle of nowhere, which only happens to people on soaps. CJ storms off and hurts her knee. The two reminisce. Nathan apologizes for neglecting her. The two hear a noise in the woods and figure it's a bear, so they get back in the car and hold hands.

Liz discusses Franco with Griffin, who tells her to give him the benefit of the doubt. Liz says she wants to see the best in Franco, but is worried.

Maxie stops by the hospital to see if Nathan has been brought in. Griffin takes her for coffee and the talk turns to his shooting. Griffin refuses to give her any details, but continues to blame himself. Maxie tells him that he needs to forgive himself, but Griffin says what he did was inexcusable. Maxie tells him to stop blaming himself.

Liz tells Franco that she's ready for their date and wonders what public place they're going to. Franco gets upset that she's scared to be alone with him and that she still sees him as a killer. The two end up at The Floating Rib and Franco continues to sulk. Liz admits that she was trying to stick it to Ric when she accepted Franco's date. Liz agrees to go somewhere private with him.

Amy finds the patient dead. Valerie declares the room a crime scene and calls in Jordan. Amy gets the result of the vial, which is positive for dericephrol.

Franco takes Liz to his artist studio and locks the door behind them.