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Perkie's Observations: Jax Hits Port Charles and Jason Disappears...Again on General Hospital

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Ingo Rademacher

Ingo Rademacher

Jordan's lab report finds Franco's fingerprints on the vial of decipherol. Amy claims Franco was acting shifty and is certain he killed the patient. Jordan wants to find Franco. Amy tells her that Franco was on a date with Liz. Valerie worries about Liz's safety.  

Franco tells Liz that they're at his art studio and that he's been painting a lot lately. Franco knows that his past works of art bothered people and that he painted something that he wants Liz to see. Franco shows her a painting of herself. Liz finds it beautiful. Franco says he was worried she'd find it stalkerish, but Liz is flattered. She thinks he's gifted. Franco asks to paint her again. Liz agrees as long as she gets to paint him as well.  

Curtis finds Nina alone at The Floating Rib getting emotional over the transplant emails. She says she still wants to find Josslyn's donor and Curtis agrees to help. Curtis wonders what happened with Franco. Nina says Franco understood her, but she outgrew him and he couldn't follow her. Nina feels there's a part of Franco that he can't control.  

Finn's back from his drug trip. He picks up Roxie from Carly when who should show up, but none other than the fine Mr. Jasper Jacks. Carly is surprised to see that Jax is in town. He claims he's here on business. Carly introduces him to Finn. Jax thanks him for his help with Josslyn, but that it won't be necessary anymore.  

The Cassadine group explain to us that Jason managed to land the plane, which then exploded. Jason is unaccounted for. Sam is determined to go search for him, but Dante feels she needs to wait until morning. Ava decides Jason couldn't have survived the explosion and that Sam should accept that he's dead.  

Sam says she's never giving, up then promptly passes out. Sam comes to. Ava thinks she hears a boat, but it doesn't come near them. Lulu tells Dante that she found the bracelet on a skeleton at the castle. He recognizes it as Luke's. 

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 Jordan runs into Andre. She asks for his help in determining if Franco is dangerous and capable of being the hospital killer. The two head to his art studio where they find drawings of the three victims and a page for a fourth.  

Jordan and Valerie head to the Rib and check-in with Nina, who claims she hasn't seen Franco. Nina's upset to hear that Franco is on a date with Liz and that he has moved on so quickly. Curtis reassures her that she's a beautiful woman.  

Carly swears to Jax that she's respecting Josslyn's wishes and backing off the donor search, but Jax knows she's lying.  

Finn asks for Amy's help in rebuilding his lab. 

 Curtis tells Andre to cut Jordan some slack, but Andre's not interested in the advice.  

Jordan and Valerie find Franco at the art studio and tell him they have questions for him.

Sam hears noise in the bush and heads off to find Jason. Dante tries to stop her.