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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Gets Lucky and the Castaways Get Rescued on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart, Michelle Stafford

James Patrick Stuart, Michelle Stafford

Jason wanders out of the forest and explains how he survived the plane's explosion. He wants to build a rescue fire to get attention. Ava worries that it will bring Valentin's men to them.

Nina hears someone in her hallway, who turns out to be Valentin. He introduces himself to her as Theo. He somehow recognizes that Nina is the head of Crimson. The two natter about the rich in town, including Nikolas. Talk turns to her ex. Valentin says she needs someone who will appreciate her. The two kiss then end up in bed together.

Jordan tells Liz and Franco that there's been another death and that he's a person of interest. She mentions the vial with his fingerprints. Liz says she and Franco have been together for hours. Jordan says the drug takes time to take effect and wants to search the room for the syringe. Franco refuses, saying they need a warrant. Jordan says she can hold him for 24 hours.

Carly's offended that Jax thinks she's lying. She claims she needs the donor information for Josslyn's medical history. Jax worries how Josslyn will feel if the donor was a child. Carly says she'll keep it a secret, but he says secrets always come out.

Josslyn is thrilled when she gets the text that Jax is in town. Sonny offers to drive her to see him at the Metro Court. Josslyn and Jax head off. Carly complains to Sonny about Jax calling her out. Sonny wonders what Jax's agenda is.

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Kristina tells Morgan that Sonny knows about Parker. She tells him about her great night with Parker and the follow-up goodbye letter. Morgan is surprised when Kristina tells him Aaron's reaction. He admits that he'd feel the same way if it were Kiki. Kristina is sad that she's lost both Parker and Aaron.

Laura spots the bracelet on Lulu's wrist. Lulu tells her that she found it on a skeleton in the tunnels and worries that Luke is dead. Laura thinks Helena set it up, knowing the will reading would send her to the island.

Laura thanks Jason for getting them safely off Cassadine Island and apologizes for what Nikolas did to him.

A naval patrol boat sees the fire and shows up to rescue the gang. Laura feels bad leaving Nikolas, and possibly Luke, behind. Lulu tells her that they need to go home to Spencer.

Jax calls someone to update them of situation with Carly.

Spencer leaves a voice message for Nikolas that is intercepted by Valentin.