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Perkie's Observations: Claudette Schemes and Franco Feels Alone on General Hospital

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Ryan Paevey, Kirsten Storms, Bree Williamson

Ryan Paevey, Kirsten Storms, Bree Williamson

Nathan brings CJ to the hospital to have her knee checked out. Once alone, CJ shows she's faking the injury. Nathan and Maxie reunite. He explains what happened with CJ on the way to the airport. Maxie is less than thrilled, certain that Claudette orchestrated the whole thing.

Morgan has a surprise for Kiki, but before he can tell her, Lucy shows up and starts talking about the new place they're getting. Turns out, Lucy got her real estate license. Morgan hired her to find a place for him and Kiki. Kiki is shocked and angrily drags Morgan away for a chat.

Franco has the sadz that his date with Liz was interrupted because of his arrest. Scott's there to defend him. He reminds him that he doesn't have an alibi and he refused to allow the search on his studio. Scott questions why Franco has sketches of the victims. He asks Franco what else the police will find.

Scott thinks Franco should prepare for the worst. Franco swears he isn't the hospital killer and asks if his father believes him. Scott really doesn't answer. Franco wants to speak with Liz.

Liz tells Griffin that her date was interrupted when Franco was arrested. Griffin asks if she thinks Franco could be responsible. Franco calls her, but Liz can't take the call because Nathan has questions.

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CJ overhears Maxie and Nathan's conversation. When Nathan leaves, she's quick to push buttons with Maxie. Maxie wants her out of their lives. Claudette accuses her of not trusting Nathan. CJ says she and Nathan had a real marriage with memories. The two argue.

Kiki confronts Morgan about buying a place without her knowledge or consent. She feels that it's an impulsive move and that he's having a manic episode.

Nathan questions Griffin and Liz about the happenings of the night before. Liz remembers that the patient's monitors were on when she and Franco left so he couldn't have killed her. Nathan checks the security footage and confirms that. Griffin points out that Liz just helped exonerate Franco.

Franco gets more upset when Liz doesn't take his call and feels no one believes in him. Scott tells him to leave Liz alone. Scott gets the call that Franco is free to go and says he's glad he's not the killer.

Nathan breaks up Maxie and CJ. Claudette returns to the exam room to wait for the doctor. Griffin shows up.

Maxie apologizes for her behavior. Nathan asks her to get married today.

Liz runs into Franco and says she's glad he's out. He says there was no message from her overnight, so he's going to be leaving her alone from now on.