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Perkie's Observations: Dillon Gets a Shock and Valentin Tricks Spencer on General Hospital

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Robert Palmer Watkins

Robert Palmer Watkins

The Cassadine group return to Port Charles. Jordan promptly arrests Jason for Nikolas' murder despite Lulu and Dante's explanation of what really happened. Dante tells her about Valentin, so Jordan decides to reach out to Interpol.

Lulu tells Sonny that Luke may be the skeleton on the island since they haven't heard from him in a long time. Sonny tells her that one can never count Luke out and that he'll do what he can to help.

The morning after has Theo wondering if Nina has second thoughts. Nina says she'd never done that before. Theo wants them to continue their fling with no strings attached as long as he's in town. Curtis shows up to check up on Nina. Theo spots the newspaper article about the castaways' return.

Theo heads out in a hurry. Curtis finds his phone and Nina accidentally plays Spencer's message to Nikolas. They wonder why Theo would have dead Nikolas' phone, so Curtis decides they need to get it to the PCPD.

Dillon meets up with Darby, who tells him that she has an STI and that he should get tested. Dillon asks about Morgan, but Darby says he hasn't returned her calls, so too bad for him.

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Morgan claims he's not manic, that he took his medication today, and doesn't understand why Kiki isn't the impulsive girl she once was. Kiki says she's grown up and isn't the same girl. She adds that he needs to respect that. Kiki says they need to start acting like the grown ups that they are.

Claudette is thrilled to see that Griffin is in town and thinks that it's fate that they're back together. Griffin is less enthusiastic, saying bad things happen when they get together. Griffin checks out CJ's knee. When she explains how it happened, he realizes that she's in town because of Nathan. CJ says she isn't here to seduce Nathan. Griffin wonders what she's really up to.

Maxie wonders why Nathan is in a rush to get married and thinks he's motivated by guilt. Nathan disagrees, so Maxie eventually agrees to move up the date. CJ sees them happy and tells them that she's decided to stay in town.

Dillon runs into Morgan and tells him about the STI. The two head to the hospital where Kiki meets them. Darby shows up and tells them they all need to get tested. Morgan tells Kiki that she's right, that they need to start fresh.

Jordan has an update from Interpol that Valentin/Theo is a person of interest. She takes off Jason's cuffs, but tells him that she's not condoning him fleeing the country. Nina and Curtis arrive and explain about Theo and Nikolas' phone.

Valentin shows up at Spencer's camp and claims he's there to take him to his father. Spencer asks for proof so Valentin shows him the Cassadine tattoo on his arm. Spencer accepts that and eventually decides to leave with him. Sonny shows up.